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The phenomenon of CBD marijuana has been very successful in our country, so much so that specific stores have arisen: grow shops, seeds shops and websites specializing in the sale of certified products and quality, such as Just bob.
Buying CBD cannabis is a legal transaction. It is simple and fast if you take advantage of the different purchasing possibilities that, in addition, offer product lovers the opportunity to choose traditional varieties with specific characteristics and beneficial properties.
The current market, therefore, is able to respond to the needs of customers thanks to the positive impact achieved in recent times.

Light marijuana: what it is and why to use it?

CBD cannabis is made from carefully selected female inflorescences of cannabis Sativa, which are rich in cannabidiol. More commonly known as CBD, it is an active compound that does not cause psychotropic effects.
Do you want to know the difference between CBD and CBDA? You find “CBD and CBDA: What are the differences?”.
The CBD weed varieties are also low in THC.
The main characteristic of CBD marijuana is, in fact, the low level of tetrahydrocannabinol contained, so as not to release any psychoactive effect on consumers.
All this is useful to understand that this variant derived from the well-known cannabis plant has clear beneficial effects on consumers who remain vigilant and do not suffer from physical or mental limitations.

More specifically, CBD weed produces:

  • Relaxation;
  • Reduction of anxiety and stress attacks;
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Energizing and antioxidant effects;
  • Improvement of night rest.

Despite the obvious positive characteristics found by several studies conducted in recent years on CBD, it is necessary to know that the effects released are variable and subjective, so it is good to check the doses and verify the quality of the product before consuming it.

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What does the Italian legislation on CBD marijuana say?

Law no. 242 of December 2, 2016, which came into force on January 14, 2017, promulgates the cultivation and supply chain of industrial cannabis.
This legislation aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by agriculture and the protection of biodiversity in the area.
The varieties of weed seeds, i.e., those certified in the European catalogue, are explored.
From these crops, it is possible to obtain food, cosmetics, and products useful for green building.
Of course, the law clearly explains that operating legally implies a THC rate of no more than 0.02% but, in any case, the farmer is relieved of any responsibility.
Despite all these clarifications, a regulatory vacuum is evident since there is no reference to the personal consumption of cannabis.
According to the above rules, the recreational use of CBD marijuana is illegal.

Where to buy CBD cannabis

A clear sign of the growth in the CBD weed U.S. market is given by the spread of authorized resellers of this product in different forms. The legal weed US shops can be physical or online (like www.justbob.net).
At the moment, there is no clarity on the authorizations of the tobacconists. To prevent them from being sanctioned, the FIT, the Italian Tobacconists’ Federation, advises against the sale of CBD marijuana for the time being.
Moreover, CBD cannabis is available from herbalists in the form of extracts or cannabis seeds for the production of creams, oils, and even infusions and herbal teas.

Where can you buy CBD cannabis?

Buy CBD cannabis online

The CBD flower  market has become very popular and it has increased its presence online. There are many sites that offer quality products and certified varieties, specifying their main characteristics and possible costs.
This method of purchase attracts several customers because of the possibility of maintaining their anonymous identity. In addition, many sites offer delivery services within 24 hours of payment.
Buying online, however, requires special attention because it is important to choose reliable sites that sell certified products explaining their origin, levels of THC and CBD and how they are grown. For example, in our online weed shop Justbob you can buy certified CBD marijuana lots, analysed in the laboratory and organic.
All varieties offered to comply with European standards, in order to ensure maximum quality and safety to our customers.

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Is it possible to buy CBD cannabis at a pharmacy?

Many people wonder if pharmacies are allowed to sell legal weed.
The answer is no.
Legal marijuana is different from medical cannabis. Medical cannabis, in fact, is a product with psychoactive effects because it contains a fairly high THC percentage in order to treat certain diseases.
It is, in fact, cannabis that can only be obtained by a medical prescription that ascertains the need to treat chronic pain or diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Is it possible to buy cannabis at the pharmacy?

Does CBD cannabis have any side effects?

Legal weed generally has no side effects.
Extensive research has simply established how CBD acts positively on our bodies.
Consuming CBD buds does not in any way alter the sensory or physical perceptions of consumers, but only induces a state of relaxation and calm.
Of course, despite this, these products are not for sale to minors.
In addition, it should be born in mind that individual responses depend on the subject and the way in which they are taken.
Measuring the effects precisely is therefore difficult because the compounds are not contained in the plant in active form; this is a process that takes place through heating.
That is why it is essential to know the right doses to take according to one’s person in order to try to fully exploit the benefits of CBD cannabis.