Uruguay: when the hemp plantation becomes a resource for the country!

Uruguay: when the hemp plantation becomes a resource for the country!


In 2013, Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalise the cultivation and trade of industrial hemp, i.e. non-psychoactive CBD cannabis with a THC content of up to 1%.

Although the export of legal hemp has not yet been activated, the cannabis plantation in Uruguay has become an essential resource for the country.

But why has this South American country started to produce and sell legal cannabis? And what were the benefits of this decision?

Cannabis grower in Uruguay

The legal, non-psychoactive cannabis production in Uruguay.

In 2013, the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture started growing industrial hemp, defined as non-psychoactive cannabis with a THC content of up to 1% and a high percentage of CBD.

This launch aimed to allow the use of hemp for therapeutic purposes and to enable people suffering from specific pathologies to benefit from the use of CBD, a cannabinoid with excellent therapeutic potential.

Indeed, CBD, when ingested by humans, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and many other effects.

Although medical and scientific research in this regard is still lagging, Uruguay has approved the cultivation of legal marijuana with a high CBD content and products derived from its processing, such as the following :

  • Legal cannabis seeds
  • Fibres for the manufacture of clothing, ropes, etc.
  • CBD oil
  • Ointments, ointments, herbal teas
  • And much more besides.

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In Uruguay, the Minister of Agriculture has set limits on THC so that the cannabis produced can only be used for therapeutic purposes and not for recreational purposes.

Moreover, it must be taken into account that THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid par excellence, and the minister’s aim was certainly not to promote “the high and the recreational side”.

Therefore, when cultivating legal cannabis in Uruguay, the limit of 1% THC must be strictly respected.

Cannabis trade could not develop internationally at the moment, but the country plans to start exporting next year.

Uruguay, a country where Cannabis is a resource

Why has the industrial hemp produced in Uruguay not yet been exported to other countries?

Virtually all cannabis-producing companies in Uruguay are trying to export their products, but none of them has ever succeeded in exporting on a large scale.

The expansion of foreign trade poses problems that the Ministry of Agriculture wants to solve as soon as possible.

What obstacles are we talking about here?

  • First of all, the bureaucracy. In Uruguay, cannabis containing THC can be grown up to 1%, but in many other countries, its products are illegal. In the US, for example, a quantity of THC of less than 0.2% (with tolerated percentages of up to 0.6%) is allowed as it is in Italy. In many other countries, the possession of hemp is strictly forbidden and is even punishable by imprisonment, regardless of the amount of THC contained in the buds and other products. Uruguay sometimes exports small quantities of legal CBD weed to Switzerland, where the THC limit is set at 1%, but no more.
  • Uruguay is a small country, so large-scale cannabis production is virtually impossible. Industrial hemp is barely enough for the inhabitants at the moment.
  • The costs of producing industrial hemp on Uruguayan territory are very high, especially compared to other Latin American countries. The highest costs are those of energy, fuel and labour.

But why is Uruguay trying to expand internationally?

For the economic advantages, it could enjoy, of course. Exporting would bring Uruguay huge benefits and increase labour, as companies producing cannabis and its derivatives would emerge like mushrooms.

Given the country’s excellent reputation for cannabis cultivation, this would be a truly remarkable victory for the country.

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Uruguayan cannabis: what are the advantages?

If Uruguay were to start trade negotiations with foreign countries on CBD Sativa cannabis, it would undoubtedly be a great success.

Do you wonder why?

  • First of all, the soil on Uruguayan territory is perfect for growing industrial cannabis and allows farmers to obtain an excellent yield. Outdoor growers can produce up to two harvests a year.
  • Besides, the roads are easily accessible. It is essential for logistics.
  • Last but not least, the excellent reputation of the light weed and CBD oil produced in Uruguay is not least. The certification of Uruguayan hemp also justifies this prestige.


Cannabis in Uruguay also has a very high export potential abroad.

There are problems to be solved, but once the obstacles are overcome, the country will probably be able to benefit from large-scale exports to CBD’s European online shops and beyond, such as JustBob.

Indeed, there are many products made from industrial hemp. We are talking about biomass, herbal teas, ointments, animal feed and the inevitable trio: marijuana flowers, CBD hashish and CBD oil.

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