Marijuana flowering stage: the importance of flowering in cannabis production

the importance of flowering marijuana phase

Everything you need to know about the flowering of CBD cannabis.

When growing CBD weed, expert-growers know very well which phases they cannot go wrong in the vegetative stage and the flowering phase of marijuana.

Today we will focus on the CBD cannabis flowering phase, while we will devote a separate discussion to the vegetative stage in another study. By reading this article, you will learn about the importance of CBD flower, its care and harvesting. There will also be a mention of the tanning of the CBD bud, which is essential to guarantee our customers high-quality products without imperfections.

Are you ready? Then make yourself comfortable because we are starting right now!

CBD cannabis flowering: why is it so important?

Outdoor Flowering of CBD cannabis

As you may know, the buds you find for sale in our CBD flower shop are nothing but flowers from legal cannabis plants. These inflorescences are rich in CBD, the non-psychotropic cannabinoid with great benefits for our bodies, and low in THC (less than 0.2%).

The cannabis flowering phase is essential because this is when the buds are filled with pistils and trichomes. The pistils are necessary for recognising the CBD flowers’ maturity stage, while the trichomes are glands that produce resin, a product rich in cannabinoids.

A legal Sativa cannabis plant that suffers during the flowering phase first develops a few flowers (assuming it can bear them), which will be low in pistils and trichomes. The CBD buds taste and aromas are compromised. As a result, the grower’s yield is null.

It is therefore essential for the farmer to follow, step by step this critical period, and to be very attentive to anything that might compromise it.

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The legal marijuana flowering step by step

Many traditional cannabis varieties flower in about 7-8 weeks, but some types need a few more weeks to develop and start producing buds. Whether grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, regular plants need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to begin flowering.

Once this phase has begun, growers need to know precisely how to care for their seedlings, week after week, as the requirements of legal cannabis are continually changing.

Here are the main details about the weeks of the cannabis flowering stage:

  • First week of flowering
    The plant grows exponentially, almost doubling in size. In this phase, the plants require a lot of fertiliser because the energy expenditure is high.  
  • Second week of flowering
    The first pistils start to grow, which when immature have a light, almost white colour. In this period, it is necessary to increase the doses of fertiliser, to bring the development of the flowers to its optimum level.  
  • Third week of flowering
    The growth of the plants begins to slow down, while the trichomes increase in number, even though there are not many of them yet. Here, it is necessary to be wary of cannabis deficiencies as they could compromise flowering and therefore yield.
  • Fourth week of flowering
    The plants stop growing, using almost 100% of the energy in the flowers’ development. During this period the trichomes increase exponentially, along with the cannabinoids and aromas of the plant.
  • Fifth week of flowering
    The flowers fill the whole plant, concentrating mainly on the buds, which become very heavy. Some smaller flowers can develop in any order along the branches, but the largest buds are precisely those at the tops. The inflorescences are almost ready for harvesting.  
  • Between the sixth and eighth week of flowering
    The buds generally start to ripen and are ready for harvest at the end of ripening.

The signs of maturation of the cannabis flowers are visible … under a magnifying glass!

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When do CBD flowers are ready for harvest?

indoor and outdoor CBD weed flowering phase

It is necessary to check the colour of the pistils and trichomes to identify legal-marijuana buds’ maturation stage. Growers usually arm themselves with good magnifying glass and meticulously analyse the flowers, which, once ripe, have the following characteristics:

  • they have trichomes which, when transparent, have taken on a milky white colour;  
  • they have darker pistils than all the other stages. The colours of the pistils can be different (and even mixed) depending on the cannabis strains: they are usually yellow, orange, brick red, purple-red or violet.

At this stage, growers can wash the roots, harvest the flowers, dry and clean them. The flowers are then ready to be analysed at the chemical-pharmaceutical analysis laboratory, such as the University of Milan for all JustBob’s CBD flowers. If they comply with the maximum THC, i.e. less than 0.2%, they are ready to be sold on our CBD online shop.

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