Bonsai marijuana: what you need to know if you want one at home

Grow a bonsai marijuana

Grow a bonsai marijuana plant? Is it possible?

If you have ever heard of bonsai marijuana you must be a big fan of legal pot, as few people are familiar with this fascinating cannabis version. Yes, like other plants, CBD weed can also be made into bonsai, as the ancient Japanese tradition teaches us.

It is a type of legal cannabis plant grown in a small pot so that its root system remains confined and limits the growth size of the branches and stem. This way, we obtain a cannabis plant with very tiny characteristics (including its inflorescences), which has recently become widespread among professional breeders.

But let’s see how to grow a bonsai marijuana plant.

CBD cannabis bonsai: here’s how to make it.

CBD weed bonsai

As mentioned a few lines above, even the CBD cannabis plant can be grown in a bonsai variant. Very little is needed to do this:

  • A small vase
  • A suitable substrate
  • A cannabis seed or cutting
  • A straight wooden stick
  • Some strings

First of all, you need to place the substrate suitable for the growth of the cannabis plant inside the pot, filling it up to 3-4 cm from the top edge. It is essential not to press the soil but to leave it soft so that the roots do not encounter excessive resistance during their growth.

At this stage, the seed or cutting obtained from another legal marijuana plant should be planted, even better if it comes from a bonsai variety. The seed should be watered and cultivated according to specific instructions, while the cutting should develop the root system.

To prevent the cutting from collapsing (it is not initially anchored to the ground due to the lack of roots), it is a good idea to place a stick next to it as a support. By making holes in the upper part of the pot, you can attach the plant with one or more pieces of string, so that it grows straight and its future branches can be oriented in the direction you prefer.

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What care does a legal cannabis bonsai need?

Starting a CBD weed bonsai is not so complicated, and it will also be easy to grow it over time with a little care. As for growing the CBD bonsai cannabis plant, the guidelines for growing the plant are the same than for growing it in a large pot, except that everything will take place in a much smaller space than average.

CBD cannabis bonsai

Besides the nutrients, irrigation must be carefully dosed to avoid stress to the marijuana bonsai, both from drought and excessive moisture. The difference with large legal cannabis plants is that the cannabis bonsai must be well-monitored, especially during the growth of the branches and requires ad hoc pruning to take the desired shape.

One crucial thing is to make sure that the stem of the plant is well ventilated. Also, when pruning, the primary but secondary branches are not cut off, to avoid damaging its health.

What is the legal marijuana bonsai purpose?

You have probably wondered whether the bonsai variant of the CBD cannabis plant has an intended use or whether it is merely an ornamental habit. The answer is yes in both cases because the CBD cannabis bonsai has a unique charm that makes it a beautiful decorative frieze in a modern flat, but it can also be useful for a professional grower.

You should know that growers use CBD marijuana bonsai for 3 main reasons :

  • CBD cannabis production  
  • Growing legal cannabis from cuttings (not seeds)  
  • Maintaining the original genetics of the CBD cannabis plant

Growing legal cannabis from cuttings allows producers to avoid the use of seeds, thus saving time and money. Moreover, the CBD flower plant from cuttings is a real clone of the “mother plant”, thus maintaining the genetics of the mother plant.

In the case of breeders, the mother bonsai plants are kept permanently in a vegetative state, as they are a source of cuttings production, but nothing prevents the bonsai from moving on to the flowering phase. The average lifespan of a marijuana bonsai is 3 to 4 years for Indica cannabis varieties and 5 to 6 years for Sativa hemp varieties.

Is it legal to grow a CBD cannabis bonsai at home?

We have come to the point, and you will indeed wonder whether everything we have talked about so far is feasible in practice, but the answer is no, at least in our country. The law does not allow the cultivation of cannabis plants, whether with THC or CBD cannabis.

The cannabis cultivation is an administrative offence, punishable by seizure of the plants and a hefty fine. Until recently, cultivation for personal use was often associated with the crime of drug trafficking, but a recent ruling by the United Sections of the Court of Cassation has clearly distinguished this situation from that of large plantations.

In any case, we strongly advise against growing cannabis bonsai unless you live in a country where its cultivation is permitted by law. In that case, you can undoubtedly have fun shaping this fascinating variant of the CBD cannabis plant and perhaps get it to flower into small CBD buds.

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Last remarks on CBD cannabis bonsai.

As you have read in this article, legal cannabis bonsai exists and can be grown for many purposes; however, only in countries where it is legal to do so, so not in the States.. However, what you can do is buy succulent CBD flowers and enjoy its intoxicating aromas!

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