Indoor marijuana: what are the main characteristics?

characteristics of indoor marijuana

All the indoor marijuana characteristics.

One of the most commonly used growing techniques for CBD weed is indoor growing. The main reason for this choice is simple: if a farmer grows marijuana indoors, he can better monitor the plants and subject them to extremely favourable conditions, to obtain an excellent product and a good yield.

Besides, if you grow indoors, you can apply innovative growing methods, such as aeroponic or hydroponic techniques. These are methods that allow the plants to receive and absorb 100% of the nutrients and develop flowers rich in cannabidiol (CBD).

Indoor CBD flowers receive the perfect amounts of artificial light (controlled by the grower). They also develop unique characteristics that differentiate it from outdoor marijuana, i.e. grown outdoors.

Let’s see below what these characteristics are and how to recognise indoor cannabis.

The size of CBD buds indoors

CBD weed indoor vs marijuana Outdoor

Paying attention to the size of the flowers is the first step in recognising indoor marijuana flowers. The general rule is that the indoor plants’ buds are slightly smaller than those of CBD cannabis grown outdoors. They also have a high density of leaflets, pistils and trichomes, so they are more compact than outdoor.

Besides, the CBD weed indoor buds have a thinner stem than the others: this is the foolproof way of recognising them.

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The density of indoor CBD cannabis trichomes

As we anticipated, the flowers of the legal “indoor” cannabis have a high density of trichomes, motivated by the “contained” size of the CBD buds (which are in any case satisfactory), the controlled growing environment and the proximity of the light source.

Cannabis trichomes are small transparent filaments (which with maturation become a milky white) resin manufacturers. Cannabis resin is the compound that contains cannabinoids, in this case, CBD and other non-psychotropic cannabinoids – while THC does not reach 0.2%.

It follows that CBD flower are extremely rich in CBD and all the properties of cannabidiol. Moreover, before drying, they are quite sticky because of the resin, whereas after drying, they are covered with crystals that make them almost glistening.

Indoor cannabis colours

One of the most exciting characteristics of indoor CBD flowers is their colour. Outdoor marijuana tends to be darker than indoor marijuana, while indoor cannabis buds are generally light green.

The reason for this is given by the growth under artificial light and by the high density of trichomes. Not surprisingly, the larger the trichomes (and thus the CBD), the lighter the greenish cannabis flowers. Buds that turn more purple or red will always tend to have a visible layer of trichomes on the outside as if they had a crystalline patina.

indoor CBD weed colours

Another indoor flowers colour characteristic is that the outdoor flowers is darker at the base of the CBD bud. The bottom of the outdoor cannabis flowers is light brown, while the base of the indoor buds is consistent with the rest of the bud (e.g. bright green, red or purple).

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Is indoor cannabis better than outdoor cannabis?

In reality, both methods of cultivation are excellent, but the ability to better control humidity, light, temperature and other environmental factors are reduced in marijuana grown outdoors. On the contrary, in indoor-grown cannabis, it is possible to meticulously control all the factors that determine the health of the plant and all those that could, on the contrary, compromise it.

As a result, it is much easier for a grower who chooses the Outdoor technique to lose a crop or have problems with the quality of the CBD flower. If instead, he chooses the Indoor method, he can :

  • quickly identify each male plant, eliminating it as soon as possible (because pollination interrupts the flowering of the female plants, the ones that produce buds);  
  • better control the pH of the soil;  
  • use techniques that promote nutrient uptake by the plant;  
  • identify and address cannabis-related diseases and deficiencies immediately;
  • control light cycles, without being constrained by sunlight (consider that, to flower at its best, an ordinary cannabis plant needs 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, while auto-flowering cannabis may need up to 24 hours of light);  
  • not to worry about climatic factors that can jeopardise the harvest, such as heavy rain, excessive humidity, hailstorms, etc.  
  • grow organic crops without the use of pesticides, as this is not necessary in any case.

As we need high-quality products, we at JustBob always choose indoor grown cannabis or at most in greenhouses. This way, we are sure to guarantee our customers excellent and flawless legal marijuana flowers.

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