Marijuana: beneficial and therapeutic effects

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What are the beneficial effects of the marijuana light and how to use it at the best

With an expanding market and a greater dissemination of information in this regard, now CBD cannabis  is at the center of debates and discussions to understand what are the concrete benefits it brings to consumers.

The active principles of cannabis

Cannabis consists of about 80 cannabinoids but the most known are two: CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is, of course, the one preferred by cannabis amateurs because it produces psychoactive effects on consumers. It is the cause of the amazing effects that have made hemp illegal in many countries.

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THC acts on certain receptors releasing dopamine, that is the hormone of euphoria, causing effects that are differents based on the concentration of the cannabinoid itself.

The main ones are: increased appetite, relaxation and expansion of the perception of space and time.

After having explained the properties of THC, it must be emphasized that in light hemp the percentages of this cannabinoid must be, by law, lower than 0.2%.

Recent studies, instead, have focused on the CBD attesting that it can counter the high effects of THC.

Cannabidiol does not produce anxiety or tachycardia among consumers because it has antipsychotic action. Legal marijuana is therefore excellent for those who want to remain alert and conscious and just try to relax.

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How many cannabis varieties are there?

There are various discussions concerning the existing cannabis species, as many scholars speak of three distinct varieties. For others, however, it is a single species with multiple varieties.

According to this last statement, we understand that cannabis plants possess the same characteristics and what differentiates them is the area in which they grow, the properties of the soil, the altitude and other similar factors.

Generally there are three major species:

  • Cannabis Sativa: this is the best known variety, it grows in Asia, Africa and America. It can even reach five meters in height and its appearance conforms to the climatic conditions to which it is exposed, in particular the humidity: it has, in fact, leaves of a fairly clear green and very long with resinous and hollow excrescences;
  • Cannabis Indica: it grows in places like Pakistan and India, therefore in dry and arid areas. These are low plants with dark and broad leaves;
  • Cannabis Ruderalis: it is native from Siberia and Kazakhstan, so it is exposed to sunlight for a few hours. It is assimilated to a small bush that grows in all directions, but does not reach important heights. The leaves also appear narrow and the flowers are very small and supported by sturdy stems.

What is legal marijuana?

Legal CBD weed is obtained from the female inflorescences of the Sativa Hemp and the varieties are selected with a concentrate of low THC and high CBD.

It is therefore a non-narcotic substance.

The percentage of THC must be within 0.02%, while that of CBD up to 30% so that the hemp is recognized by law as light, that is to say weakened. All the products you will find on our CBD online shop comply to the law.

On a visual level, legal marijuana does not differ from the illegal one and it is possible to distinguish them only through a chemical analysis that detects the contents.

An essential thing to stress is that CBD flower is different from the therapeutic one: the latter can only be purchased by prescription and is characterized by a THC level that generally fluctuates between 7 and 22%.

The benefits of legal marijuana

CBD buds produce different benefits for our body and our health, in fact many consumers use it to relieve chronic pain due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD, acting on the CB1 receptor generates analgesic effects.

It also manages to combat anxiety-related disorders: post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Other benefits include a reduction in the sense of nausea and anticonvulsant properties.

At the European Institute of Oncology, other studies are underway that could legitimize its use even in the most important fields, for example to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

Taking cannabidiol, moreover, helps fight insomnia and regularize the sleep / wake cycle.

It is clear that CBD can be used in the medical field by acting as a non-playful substance effective against various disorders, as demonstrated by the continuous scientific studies practiced to learn about and make the most of the beneficial properties of cannabis.

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CBD: how to intake it

There are now various ways to take CBD weed, indeed, to take full advantage of the intrinsic beneficial properties of this substance. The most common, of course, concerns the inflorescences of CBD flowers to be smoked.

Many people prefer to avoid the negative consequences of combustion through other methods: vaporization, food, CBD oil to be taken orally and creams.

As for food, although it is good for the intestinal flora (CBD is rich in omega3, fiber and protein) it is always better to take moderate amounts since ingested cannabis shows stronger and lasting effects.

The benefits that can be derived from the consumption of legal marijuana are truly innumerable since it is a completely natural substance.

You simply have to make sure of the doses you can take based on your problem and the good quality of the product.

Using light hemp turns out to be an excellent choice not only to fight severe aches or pains, but also to relax.