Is it legal to grow hemp?

is legal grow hemp?

Do you want to grow hemp but you don’t know if it is legal? discover everything about it

The CBD weed market has established itself among the most fruitful of recent times, giving a huge boost to the European economy (and beyond).

So, is it legal to grow hemp in Europe?

The answer is yes, but it is necessary to clarify the current regulatory framework.

Laws on legal weed

The European legislation (The European Regulation-Delegate-n.-639-2014 and the European Regulation n. 1307/2013) promote and protect the cultivation of sativa cannabis and, consequently, allows the marketing of products derived from it.

In Europe, in fact, numerous activities have arisen such as growshops and weed seed shops specializing in the sale of products with a high CBD content, from the inflorescences of CBD flowers dried to CBD oil, but also herbal teas, clothing and much more.

The regulations support the growth of hemp for the cultivation, production of food, cosmetics and biodegradable raw materials, so as to reduce the environmental impact and encourage local companies to achieve economic growth.

This does not require any special authorization, even if farmers have to comply with certain obligations and parameters.

They must infact cultivate cannabis varieties with a low THC content: to a maximum limit of 0.02%.

This restriction linked to tetrahydrocannabinol is due to the psychotropic effects it has on consumers.

Furthermore, the grower is obliged to keep the tags of the purchased seeds and the invoices for their purchases.

In this way he can prove to the authorities that he has used the accepted varieties, it is to say legal hemp seeds registered in the European Catalog.

Are some examples of cannabis varieties allowed by law? Light marijuana Lemon Cheese, California Haze light, Master Kush light and many others.

During the checks, farmers bear no responsibility, but the camp is ordered to be seized or destroyed if the parameters imposed by the law are not respected.

This law, however, has never been very clear as regards personal consumption: according to the established previous regulations, it is not legal to consume marijuana for recreational purposes.

The only permitted use is the therapeutic one: but here we cannot speak of CBD cannabis as therapeutic marijuana has very high THC percentages.

So we have seen that it is absolutely possible to grow legal hemp at home and outdoor. But is it also possible to cultivate the therapeutic one or not?

grow hemp legally

What does the European legislation say about the therapeutic use of cannabis?

The use of cannabis for therapeutic use has become legal since 2007, so several decrees were set up to more clearly regulate the use of marijuana. Naturally, this differs from CBD buds which has no effect on the psychic faculties of consumers.

This plant produces around 150 kilos of hemp a year, although the demand has doubled lately.

This is marijuana obtainable only through medical prescriptions to certify a specific pathology of the patients, as the beneficial properties that the herb produces in our body have now been ascertained.

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Uses of legal hemp

Hemp is a natural resource whose properties are widely undervalued worldwide, although there has been a significant increase in the sale of Cannabis Sativa-based products.

Here’s what you can produce if you grow legal hemp:

  • Foods: hemp seeds can be included in the diet as food supplements because they are rich in omega3, vitamins and mineral salts;
  • Cosmetics: the vitamin E contained in the plant carries out an important antioxidant action, so as to counteract the aging of the skin. This is just one of several properties that these products, even in the cosmetic field, give to our face, body or hair;
  • Oils and fuels: hemp, set as an exceptionally versatile resource, can be used to replace petroleum fuels.

The extensive uses granted by the legislation are not yet complete, since it is possible to obtain fabrics, obtain paper and apply it in the green building sector. In short, hemp is in effect a plant of a thousand resources!

legal vacuum on legal hemp

Why is there a legal vacuum on legal hemp?

The controversies concerning the laws in force on the subject of cannabis are numerous, as neither the merchants nor the consumers are very clear about the use they can make of products based on CBD.

In Italy, for istance, the Court of Cassation has drawn up an incomplete law concerning inflorescences and their consumption for recreational purposes.

They are sold in specialized activities, such as Justbob, light marijuana bags that would be exclusively collectible, not for personal use.

All this, of course, is at the expense of the economic growth implemented over time for European companies, for which a revision of the laws in force is considered necessary and, above all, we must consider the enormous potential that cannabis has.

Taking CBD, in fact, helps not only to relax, but can relieve chronic pain, fight mental disorders, regulate the sleep-wake cycle … For these reasons, we feel the need to fill this void and make clear the use and methods possible intake of hemp flowers.

Greater liberalization towards cannabis-based products is hoped for, whose positive effects are innumerable and do not involve any contraindication or side effects.

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The new law prospect on CBD weed

Naturally, the problems related to the cultivation, production and sale of hemp are not foreign to politics.

A new bill law prospect has been proposed to finally make the situation clearer: to legalize marijuana, to follow in the footsteps of other countries.

Currently, no definitive positions have been taken, but many important personalities have understood the importance of legalization. Thus it will be possible to continue to support our countries economy and stop illegal trafficking, putting an end to the prohibition that has always characterized most of Europe and finally taking a step forward.