Marijuana without THC: effects and benefits

CBD marijuana whitout thc


Does Marijuana without THC exist? Actually not, as even legal marijuana has minimal percentages of this active ingredient.

But let’s be clear about this product that has developed over time, thanks also to the art world, a fundamental role in the collective imagination: less and less only a plant and more and more a real culture.

There are many stories about the use of the THC and its effects, that are often exaggerated or catastrophic.

There are so many versions and ideas about the dangers of using Cannabis, how this plant works and how it affects the health of the body and mind.

As often happens, the reality of the facts is very different from that of urban legends: let’s see what we’re talking about together.

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Is there a difference between Marijuana and Cannabis Light?

Marijuana is the product obtainable from the drying of leaves, flowers, stems and seeds, belonging to the Cannabis sativa plant (or Indian hemp).

There are three great varieties of Cannabis: indica marijuana, sativa and ruderalis.

What differentiates them are the size of the plants, the concentrations of its active ingredients and, consequently, the effects induced by the use of their derivatives.

What makes Marijuana illegal in many countries is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (mostly known as THC).

What is marijuana without THC?

THC is a psychotropic substance, able to reduce pain, to function as an appetite stimulant, to reduce nausea.

The validity of these properties has been recognized in the world of medicine: in fact cannabis can be used as a treatment for some patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and others, through a cannabis oil that can only be obtained through a non-repeatable medical certificate.

The use of a high level THC cannabis for recreational purposes is currently not recognized by our criminal regulation. In fact, this product can weigh on the health of the consumer and create a state of dependence on the substance in it.

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What is the level of THC allowed by law?

As required by the law 242 of 2016, the THC level in legal weed and legal hash must be less than 0.2%.

So when we talk about cannabis with a low THC level of around 0.2%, we are talking about CBD cannabis.

It is therefore not a marijuana without THC, but with very low percentages of this active ingredient which does not produce psychotropic effects or dependence.

The CBD weed is obtained from female inflorescences of Canapa Sativa, which have a large amount of CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD is not a psychoactive compound, unlike THC, but allows the consumer to find positive effects for diseases such as headaches, anxiety states, inflammations and much more.

The CBD and its properties are the basis of many treatments: as already mentioned, the THC level is less than 0.2%, so we cannot speak of psychoactive substance, unlike illegal Marijuana.

It is a substance with the purpose of relaxing those who use it, rather than getting it high. But its potential does not stop there.

What are the benefits of the light marijuana?

The benefits of CBD flowers are many and varied, applicable to different spheres and aspects of health.

First of all we need to know that it is the CBD, of which we have just spoken, that is the reason for all the beneficial effects produced by the use of legal marijuana.

CBD has antipsychotic properties useful for serious diseases such as schizophrenia or for the reduction and containment of anxiety disorders, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (DOC) or Post Traumatic Disorder.

It also has anticonvulsant properties, useful for the management and reduction of epileptic seizures, especially in children suffering from infantile epilepsy (as in the cases of Dower Syndrome) and the typical tremors of Parkinson’s disease.

If all this were not enough, the power of CBD is such that it is often extracted from light marijuana to be used in other forms, such as the creation of cosmetics dedicated to the treatment of skin disorders, such as Acne, or for the creation of ointments, balms, CBD oil for skin care.

Because of this, it is often used as a remedy for diseases due to inflammation.

The most important beneficial aspect, a great reason for the world of medicine to study it, it is the presence in the cannabis light of substances that seem to work as an obstacle to the proliferation of carcinogenic cells.

In addition, CBD oil can be used for those who already fight against a disease and has chemotherapy-based therapies, as a soothing treatment for the disorders caused by the latter such as nausea, given its antiemetic function.

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What are the contraindications of the cannabis light?

Given that legal cannabis contains little THC (unlike its “cousin”, the illegal marijuana, rich in THC) and has, instead, a large quantity of CBD, absolutely legal and very useful for the management and care of different pathologies, does not possess contraindications in itself.

Not for this reason it is a substance that can be abused: we must, of course, make a responsible, studied and conscious use of it.