Is it really possible to smoke CBD oil?

its possibile to smoke cbd oil

Everything you need to know if you intend to smoke CBD oil

Smoking CBD: Europe and its laws

If you have opened this article, it means that you are willing to smoke CBD oil or simply you want to know more about it. But let’s start with the most important thing. Is this behavior legal in our country?

According to the law, the production and marketing of cannabis in Europe is lawful if it contains a quantity of THC lower than 0.2%.

According to this law, the cultivation and sale of CBD weed should be legal and not subject to any authorization.

Yet recently the Court of Cassation issued a ruling on the stop to the sale of the CBD.

What is going on?

The opinion of the Supreme Court is not clear: the law qualifies as legitimate only the cultivation of Hemp plants registered in the common Catalog of varieties of agricultural species, and cannabis sativa would not be.

What doesn’t convince? Perhaps the opinion of the Minister of the Interior on CBD cannabis?

However, not even the magistrates seem convinced by this change of course. According to the provisional maximum issued at the end of May 2019, “the marketing of products derived from the cultivation of Cannabis sativa is prohibited, unless such products are free from doping efficacy”.

As you well know, legal weed has no doping effect, nor do the famous CBD oils. This is caused by their very low THC content, well known for its psychotropic effects.

smoke cbd oil

CBD oil and its effects

Now is the time to face the heart of the situation: we will help you better understand the world of CBD oil, a very special derivative of marijuana (or better cannabidiol).

Do you really know what it is about?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is gaining more and more medical support thanks to its anticonvulsant action: it is in fact of great support in therapies to treat epilepsy in children.

But his medical benefits don’t stop there. The much discussed CBD is an excellent helper for the treatment of anxiety disorders, psychoses, memory lapses and schizophrenia. In case you suffer from these disorders, it could really be the right solution for you.

What makes CBD oil so appreciated is the lack of THC in it, which makes it non-psychoactive and, therefore, legal in most countries of the world.

CBD can also be used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

It must be remembered that the vegetal material from which CBD is extracted belongs to the Cannabis variety that is currently registered in the European register.

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How is CBD oil produced?

CBD oil is extracted from Cannabis through an evaporation process. Cannabis is boiled, and a substance of similar consistency to oil is extracted from it. Obviously with regard to the CBD, it is extracted without THC.

And what happens after that?

Afterwards the oil is diluted with vegetable oil or with alcohol, after which it is bottled.

How to smoke CBD oil

At this point, perhaps you are wondering how to take CBD oil through smoking. Don’t worry, we have the answer to all your questions.

What to use to smoke CBD oil?

You should know that CBD oil can be smoked through an electronic cigarette.

Inhaling the e-liquid vapors avoids the dangers deriving from the combustion process, as well as allowing a more rapid absorption of the cannabinoid, whose relaxing effects are almost immediate.

In addition to electronic cigarettes, another method for smoking cannabinoids is to use CBD vaporizers.

You can find many of them on the market, all without nicotine and tobacco and suitable for smoking only the cannabinoid.

smoking cbd hurt

Does smoking CBD hurt?

Smoking CBD oil does not carry the same unwanted side effects as traditional smoking, as by inhaling this product through the appropriate instruments you will not inhale any toxic substance, including nicotine and tobacco.

If you want to smoke CBD oil, you must first understand which concentration is right for you.

How? It is simple: evaluating what drives you to smoke CBD. Do you do it for pleasure or for anxiety problems?

There are the most different concentrations of product, for example from 20, 100 and 200 mg of CBD on 10 ml of product. In case you are a regular smoker, it is advisable to take a little concentrated product.

If you need to calm your anxiety quickly, a higher dose will be fine.

Maybe you don’t know that …

Below you can find the answer to some questions that you will surely have asked yourself – or you are asking – considering whether or not to smoke CBD flowers.

Does it appear in drug tests?

The very small percentage of THC present in the oil does not make it a psychotropic substance, therefore it does not cause problems with drug tests. Furthermore, there are no CBD tests.

Does it create dependency?

If it is possible to develop a dependence on the Cannabis plant and the use of Marijuana, you can be sure that this will not happen to you by taking CBD oil, since it does not create any kind of addiction.

Does CBD oil get you high?

As mentioned above, this type of substance has no doping effects on the psyche, therefore it does not cause any kind of buzz. CBD is a safe and natural product that can help your body feel more relaxed.

How much of it can I take in one day?

There is no quantity that is suitable for everyone on a universal level, but it is advisable to start with small doses. You can gradually increase them should it become necessary, but still try not to overdo it: always stick to the recommended daily doses.

Can CBD oil be considered “medicine”?

Despite being used as a medical treatment in many therapies, CBD cannabis oil is not considered as a drug, but a dietary supplement for body and mind.

In any case, it can provide your health with a good amount of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3.

Europeans thought about light marijuana and its derivatives

What do the European people think about the new provisions on the legal cannabis trade?

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The survey of different websites

As reported by many different websites, a recent survey has led over a thousand European people to present their opinion on the trade and legalization of cannabis derivatives.

The 64% of Europeans declare that products derived from cannabis should be marketed. Of these, 30.2% are in favor of free marketing, while for 33.9% say the articles should be subject to the State’s monopoly.

There are also those who say “no” …

A small portion of the interviewed industry, only 35.9%, believes that cannabis derivates should be prohibited to trade in any form and quantity.

And its cultivation?

The majority of Europeans that was interviewed also said that they are favorable to the authorization of cultivation and sale for recreational purposes: we are talking about the 55.2% of the population.

Now the choice is only yours

You have come to the end of this article, and we hope you have learned something new about the world of the CBD and the cannabis derivatives.

We hope that the information we provided to you was helpful, and that you are now ready to make the right choice for yourself and your health.

We always remember you to respect the recommended doses to consciously take the substances we have been talking about!