What is CBD Oil

the effects of cbd oil

CBD oil: what it is, what it is for and what are the effects of its intake.

CBD oil is one of the main products derived from cannabis light, for a precise therapeutic purpose as it contains almost exclusively CBD (cannabidiol) and other marijuana terpenes.

Sometimes, depending on the degree of purity of the oil and the method of extraction, it may also present traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), or the psychoactive phytocannabinoid, but always and in any case in minimal concentrations, included in the legal limits, or lower than 0,2%.

Since it does not cause psychotropic effects, therefore, CBD oil is completely legal, considered as a food supplement. Not being a medicine you can buy it without a prescription and use it to enjoy its beneficial effects.

beneficial effects of CBD oil

CBD oil: what are its effects?

To introduce the positive effects of CBD it is first of all necessary to keep in mind that our body independently produces cannabinoid substances, called endocannabinoids.

The two most important are the CB1 and the CB2, particularly useful for a correct development of the nervous system and with fundamental neuroprotective functions. Moreover, endocannabinoids are involved in numerous internal regulation processes including:

  • Increased levels of serotonin and glutamate as a 5-TH1a receptor, resulting in a relaxing and anxiolytic effect;
  • Regulation of anandamide intake, with consequent analgesic effect;
  • Allosteric modulation of μ-opioid and δ-opioid receptors. It is therefore a potential remedy against addictions, inhibiting the metabolism of substances and fighting the symptoms of addiction;
  • Antagonist of the Id-1 gene, responsible for the metastatic spread of breast cancer;
  • Intervening on the PPAR-γ receptor, it also has action on glucose metabolism in the blood, as a potential alternative cure to diabetes;
  • By intervening on the release of intracellular calcium, CBD appears to be an effective regulator of muscle contractions, acting on the reception of neurotransmitters in the synapses.

By virtue of this, the uses of CBD oil are manifold, made even more fascinating by the absence of serious contraindications.

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In which cases use the CBD Oil

Continuously updated scientific studies (from the beginning of 2000 to today have been published by the thousands) have shown that CBD is an effective remedy for:

  • Both chronic and traumatic inflammations. Soothes pain and intervenes directly in muscle relaxation. CBD oil has been successfully tested on patients with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, as it facilitates mobility and soothes pain. Moreover, against tearing and muscle fatigue, the use of this product has been recognized as legitimate even by WATA, the World Anti-Doping Association;
  • Depression and anxiety attacks: intervenes directly in the process of release of serotonin and glutamate, restoring calm and diffuse relaxation to patients (obviously, it should not be replaced to medicinal therapy prescribed by the specialist or even by psychological therapy. As we have said, CBD oil is not a medicinal product);
  • Insomnia, as it promotes relaxation;

the intake of CBD oil cures insomnia

  • Although experimentally, CBD oil reduces some withdrawal symptoms (nervousness, convulsions and tremors, anxiety);
  • Epileptic muscle spasms. According to numerous studies, CBD has proved particularly effective in the case of childhood diseases such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Also in this case, contact the specialist for more information: do not use CBD oil independently, but stick to the doctor’s dosage if necessary.

Furthermore, scientific studies are underway to examine the efficacy of CBD in the control and reduction of cancer cells. These studies focus mainly on cases of breast cancer.

CBD oil for body wellness: what are the benefits?

CBD oil also comes in the form of lotions, balms, creams and ointments to be applied directly to the skin or used for hair care.

Most wellness products do not contain substances dangerous to the body, so ingestion is absolutely not poisonous.

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CBD oil can be used as:

  • Anti-acne, in particular for the treatment of acne vulgaris, caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The CBD oil, in addition to treating inflammation, also leads, as published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation, to the lowering of sebum production, effectively counteracting acne;
  • Anti-age, as the antioxidant action of CBD counteracts free radicals that cause premature cell aging;
  • Moisturizing, as CBD oil contains high percentages of essential fatty acids (EFA) that have moisturizing and soothing properties on the skin. The oil, in fact, contains 25% of the two essential fatty acids, the omega-3 and the omega-6, in almost perfect proportion, of 1: 3;
  • Softener, as the positive action of CBD oil, in the form of balm, on the follicles restores its original softness to the hair.

Inaddition, this product has proved to be an excellent cosmetic against some skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, directly intervening on the body’s ability to react to irritation and greatly reducing the effects of inflammation such as itching, redness and pain.

Keep in mind that, like all cosmetics, it is always advisable to try CBD oil on small portions of skin before switching to a more widespread application, so that you can be completely sure that you will not run into allergic reactions.

As you could read, the applications of CBD oil are really numerous, so much so that cannabidiol is still the subject of scientific studies in order to always experiment new uses and benefits.

We therefore expect its use to become extremely common in Italy and the rest of the world.