What are CBD crystals?

What are CBD crystals?

Have you heard of cbd crystals and are wondering what they are? Here’s the answer, the difference with cbd oil and many other interesting facts.

In the world of CBD cannabis and its derivatives, it is common to hear about CBD oil, hashish and legal weed, but much less about CBD crystals.

What all of these products have in common is the fact that they contain cannabidiol (or CBD), one of the most popular cannabinoids , well-known as it has no psychotropic effects and seems to have a number of positive benefits.

CBD crystals represent the purest form of this substance.

Today, we explain how they are made, how they are used in countries where it is considered legal and what the difference is with CBD oil.

CBD crystals: what they are, how they are extracted and what they look like.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) crystals are the purest form in which this substance can be found commercially.

They are isolated and purified extractions of the CBD cannabinoid that take the shape of tiny, white, odourless stones/grains (somewhat reminiscent of sugar).

No solvent is generally used to obtain CBD crystals.

The extraction of cannabidiol from the cannabis plant

CBD crystals: extraction from hemp

Cannabidiol is extracted from the legal hemp plant using CO2 extraction machines, a method that does not alter the substance and is safe for both humans and the environment.

After the extraction phase, the cannabidiol is purified, i.e. it is isolated from all traces of plant matter in the plant such as oils, THC, resins, chlorophyll and more.

The result is CBD in solid form, which is called “CBD crystal”.

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Differences between CBD oil and CBD crystals

As you may have read, CBD crystals come in the form of small white grains and are therefore very different from the more common derivative of legal cannabis, which is CBD oil.

But apart from appearance, what are the differences between these two products?

Well, there are many, and they range from the way they are dosed to the way they taste and how they are used.

Let’s start by talking about CBD crystals.

CBD crystals, when sold (really) in pure form, lack the aromas and taste of marijuana.

In order to be used and dosed, the crystals, being essentially pure CBD, must be weighed using a precision scale. Because they are so pure, they have to be used in small doses, which is difficult to do with the naked eye.

Once weighed, the crystals can be used by vaporisation, or can be mixed with oils, foods or lotions, or can be taken directly sublingually (in countries where this is permitted, of course).

CBD oil, on the other hand, can be easily dosed using the dropper dispenser provided in the bottle.

Dosing the amount of CBD to be taken via the oil is therefore much easier and more convenient, also because it is possible to find oil packs containing higher or lower doses of cannabidiol on the market.

CBD oil is usually taken sublingually and has the typical aromas of cannabis, but it can also be mixed with food or topical lotions.

CBD crystals are more expensive (as they are a concentrated form of cannabidiol), while the price of cannabis oil varies depending on the percentage of CBD it contains.

Basically, crystals are preferred by those who do not like cannabis flavours and those who wish to purchase pure cannabidiol, while oil is preferred by those looking for a more practical way of using CBD.

Icerock covered with CBD crystals

CBD crystals over other cannabis derivatives? Here is Icerock.

Although CBD crystals represent the purest and most isolated form of cannabidiol, they are also sometimes sold in combination with other cannabis derivatives.

Such is the case with Icerock buds.

Icerock, which takes its name from its unique and unusual appearance, reminiscent of a rock covered in snow or ice, is a product completely covered in CBD crystals which, not surprisingly, can contain up to 90% of it.

This product is made from the inflorescence of high quality legal cannabis sativa, which is harvested at the right stage of maturity and dried to the highest quality standards. After this stage, the inflorescence is immersed in CBD oil and then covered with pure cannabidiol crystals.

It is therefore a very special product that allows the CBD and its effects to be linked to the aromas of the hemp plant.

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Now you know what CBD crystals look like and how they are made.

These are products designed to isolate cannabidiol totally, so that its effect can be exploited without interference from other legal cannabis derivatives. It is therefore totally devoid of psychotropic effects, as it contains no trace of THC (the illegal psychotropic substance produced by marijuana).

That being said, if you would like to test the unique CBD crystals for yourself, visit our CBD cannabis shop and purchase Icerock, a piece that will enrich your collection of legal cannabis products.

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