Introducing the Northern Lights cannabis

the Northern Lights cannabis

Probably the most popular among the types available in the market. That’s why the Northern Lights is the most favorite hemp!

The unquestionable success of CBD cannabis in recent times has meant that the market was able to meet the needs of most customers by offering a wide choice of certified, quality varieties with specific characteristics.

Among the favorite species for a very long time both by consumers and by legal CBD marijuana growers, the famous Northern Lights appears, considered one of the best varieties for cannabis indica lovers.

Before analyzing specifically the peculiarities of Northern Lights, it is good to know the different varieties of cannabis from which to choose.

northern lights legal cannabis

Cannabis variety

Despite internal discord among scholars, there is a tendency to distinguish cannabis in three species:

  • Sativa Cannabis: it is a plant that can exceed 1.5 meters in height with fairly short branches. It grows in tropical areas such as the Caribbean or the islands of Thailand. Sativa is also famous for its fibers, used in the textile industry. It is a variety that normally produces a medium / low THC level, in fact, it has more cerebral than physical effects;
  • Indica Cannabis: it is one of the most powerful existing species, in fact, it reaches quite high THC levels. The plant is not very tall and has a shape reminiscent of a Christmas tree, it is robust and has thick and very dense buds. It is a type of plant typical of areas such as Nepal, that is, mountainous locations. Finally, the indica releases a bodily effect because it produces a state of total relaxation that affects the mind and the body;
  • Ruderalis Cannabis: it is a variety with very low THC contents. It grows in the Russian areas, more precisely, it is typical of Siberia. The plant is quite small, reaching about half a meter, robust and without side branches. Usually, ruderalis is used in crosses to make the plant more robust.

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Nothern Lights: origins and diffusion

The Northern Lights (a term that in Italian means “aurora borealis”) is a genetic indica plant considered legendary, whose origins are truly ancient.

The first person to produce it was a man nicknamed “The Indian” near Seattle and in 1985 he was included in the “Seed Bank”, obtaining a vast success.

These plants are labeled as pure Afghan of indica and this is quite evident from the presented characteristics: very dark green leaves, violet hues during the flowering period, earthy aroma that recalls the pine.

Over time it has been the subject of experimentations, so much so that many varieties still preferred by CBD flower consumers are crossed with the cannabis seeds of Northern Lights.

cannabis seeds of northern lights cbd weed

Buy and cultivate the Northern Lights in Italy

In our country it is possible to find the Northern Lights on the market to cultivate, of course, for technical purposes.

The cultivation process of this variety, which can take place both outdoors and indoors, appears quite simple.

An indoor cultivation takes from 45 to 50 days, while the outdoor cultivation takes 6/8 weeks. It is among the preferred varieties for the abundant crops it offers, for the versatility it shows in adapting to different environments and, of course, for the qualitative yield that is obtained.

Naturally, when it comes to light grass, there are percentages of THC to be respected to ensure that the substance is considered legal, that is less than 0.2%.

How to buy Northern Lights inflorescences

The exponential growth to which hemp has been exposed in recent years has encouraged the creation of authorized retailers such as

The Northern Lights is one of the most popular types due to its characteristic aroma.

In fact, we talk about the queen of indica cannabis whose fame is more than deserved.

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Northern lights: effects

Like any variety of CBD weed, Northern Lights also releases specific effects on consumers and can be used to solve specific problems.

First of all it has relaxing effects and, consequently, it is an excellent remedy against stress and anxiety, even if it allows to maintain mental lucidity.

It is a very popular CBD buds because it is effective in relieving chronic pains, spasms, problems related to arthritis, migraine and even loss of appetite.

It is also one of the varieties most commonly given to those suffering from depression.

There are no particular contraindications deriving from the consumption of legal weed, it is simply necessary to dose the quantities to be taken in order to best benefit from the positive properties belonging to cannabis.

Every reaction varies according to the subject, the intake methods and the chosen quality: know that buying on you will receive the best legal CBD cannabis! In fact, all our lots are certified, carefully analyzed in the laboratory and coming from organic farming.

Quality and respect for nature are our force: click here to buy our legal CBD cannabis varieties!