CBD oil: is it allowed to be sold in Italy?

Cbd oil: how to buy in italy

Is the sale of CBD oil allowed in Italy and in other states?

CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant, obtained through the steam distillation of inflorescences. The proceeds of this first process is a crude substance that contains all the terpenes of marijuana, from which then, with a CO2 extraction method, purified CBD oil is obtained.

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This product basically comes in two forms:

  • Full spectrum oil, or raw oil, which is mixed with other vegetable oils. It is not always homogeneous, has a dark green color and preserves all the terpenes of cannabis, or all the aromatic substances with recognized therapeutic effects (in particular, for the note, the CBD);
  • Purified oil, light in color, with natural aromas and liquid consistency, filtered so as to remove other substances, including THC;

In turn CBD oil is present on the market with various concentrations, which generally range from 2% to 30%.

It is possible to find cannabis oils with concentrations up to 50%, the so-called “Pure” oils, but they are rare and particularly expensive. Furthermore, the body rarely needs these concentration rates to record the positive effects of cannabidiol.

For example, for minor disorders (such as insomnia) low concentrations (2.5 / 5%) are sufficient in order to enjoy the analgesic and relaxing effect.

For slightly more severe and annoying disorders, such as severe inflammation or a particularly violent migraine, significant relief can be observed with average concentrations (5/10%). More painful disorders, on the other hand, usually require medium-high concentrations, from 15% up to 30% of CBD.

Another important factor is your familiarity with light or psychotropic marijuana. In fact, if you have never taken cannabis, you should start with minimal doses and low concentrations.

If you are a regular consumer, you may need high concentration of CBD to see the effects.

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CBD oil in Italy: what the law n.242 says

Purified CBD oil is completely legal in Italy. Being completely THC free, devoid of any trace of the psychoactive metabolite of cannabis, this product appears as a food supplement and can be freely purchased in pharmacies or on e-commerce sites such as www.justbob.net.

Precisely because it is considered a supplement, it does not require a special medical prescription and its consumption is not subject to any restriction.

In addition to stores dedicated to CBD cannabis, CBD oil is present on pharmacy shelves in different forms:

  • CBD in capsules, or CBD oil capsules, for those who use it while not appreciating its taste. The capsules take on average more time than the sublingual solution to take effect, with times ranging between 10 and 25 minutes;

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  • CBD in sublingual solution, certainly the fastest method, which takes from 5 to 20 minutes to take effect. The oil is taken by pouring a certain number of drops under the tongue and leaving them in the mouth for a couple of minutes before swallowing them;
  • CBD in oil-based lotion or cream, to be applied directly to the affected area and particularly effective in treating inflammation, injury, joint pain and arthritis. The cannabis oil-based lotions, ointments and balms take on average about ten minutes to take effect;
  • Edible CBD, always based on oil, to be swallowed. Certainly the slowest intake method, which may need 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect, but which certainly guarantees longer effects as the digestion of CBD oil, a hydrophobic substance, takes longer and remains in circulation longer.

Regarding, on the other hand, the complete spectrum cannabis oil, or raw oil, in Italy, by virtue of the law of December 2, 2016, n.242, which liberalizes the legal CBD buds trade, its sale is legal only in the case in which there are concentrations of THC according to the law, less than 0.2%.

As it contains, albeit in small part, traces of THC, the full-spectrum CBD oil is subject to greater restrictions: its intake, in fact, can lead to being positive for the anti-drug test and, consequently, for a series of measures (for example the driving license withdrawal).

The law n. 242, in fact, legalizes the sale of CBD flower and its derivatives but does not recognize the recreational use of products with THC content in the parameters required by the law. So the full-spectrum of CBD oil can be purchased but, theoretically, not taken unless under medical prescription.

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The policies of other European States on cannabis oil

In Europe, cannabis oil can be freely purchased in the following states:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Italy

In the United Kingdom, only the completely purified CBD oil without traces of THC is considered legal.

THC is considered illegal in Switzerland, but the CBD is not subject to any regulation of Swiss narcotics law, so oils with THC concentrations below 1% can safely be produced and marketed.

In Luxembourg, the legalization of CBD weed in June 2018 led to the free commercialization of CBD oil with a THC content of less than 0.2%.

However, this product remains illegal in France and in most countries of the Balkan Peninsula.