Marijuana Sweet berry: one of the most popular cannabis CBD strains in the world.

Marijuana light Sweet berry

Characteristics and specifications of Sweet Berry light marijuana.

Legal weed Sweet Berry: the name speaks for itself. Sweet as a fruit, it will probably surprise you as no other CBD cannabis has ever done.

Characteristics of sweet berry cannabis cbd

The legal variety is the weakened version, therefore with very low THC content, of Sweet Berry marijuana born in Northern California. A real treat that will make you dream of the rolling Californian hills.

Let’s see its characteristics below.

Characteristics of the unpowered Sweet Berry marijuana

Sweet Berry is a well-balanced hybrid, obtained by crossing two particular strains famous all over the world, namely Chernobyl and Blueberry.

Although the indica / sativa ratio depends on how the growers choose to mix the two hybrids, The unpowered version – illegal in the United States – reaches very high THC levels and a CBD content of around 1% (the legal variety instead is appreciated for its very high amounts of CBD, which exceed 22.5%).

It is a strain that has large buds rich in colours such as forest green and purple, accentuated amber pistils, white trichomes and a sweet shine given by the resin.

As if the name had not already made the idea, know that these buds have a sweet scent of ripe blueberry, with notes of flowers and lime that complement the sweet flavours of berries and dark and juicy citrus fruits.

Unlike most Sativa hybrids, Sweet Berry has no side effects such as adrenaline and tends more towards the relaxing aspects of the strain.

For this reason, it is perfect for anyone looking for a pinch of immediate concentration and to stimulate creativity. To this momentum of energy is added an almost unexpected body relaxation.

The Sweet Berry cannabis plant prefers outdoor cultivation with warm climates and a lot of sun. It produces an average or above-average harvest between the end of September and the beginning of October, obviously if the climatic conditions are satisfactory. The buds are ripe and ready for harvest when the sticky resin is visible to the naked eye.

Now that you know all about traditional Sweet Berry let’s see the characteristics of Sweet Berry CBD buds.

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CBD weed Sweet Berry: all the features

The legal weed Sweet Berry originates obviously from Sweet Berry California so much that has very similar characteristics.

The flowers of the legal version are elongated, green and with almost purple red trichomes, which make them very similar to raspberries.

red thricomes of sweet berry marijuana cbd

Turning to the aroma, the legal Sweet Berry has a delightful scent, of red fruits (especially strawberry and raspberry). The taste is also very sweet, almost like a fruit jelly candy.

The inflorescences that we offer you on are grown in a special greenhouse that allows complete, or almost complete, control of the hours of light, temperature and humidity level. In this way, growers can recreate the perfect environment for this plant, so that the plants grow at their best and produce inflorescences rich in sticky resin, therefore with a high CBD content.

You should also know that this greenhouse system (called Glasshouse) tries to take advantage of sunlight as much as possible, but provides the supplement of artificial light to achieve the perfect lighting hours for each growth phase of CBD cannabis seeds.

Furthermore, cultivation is entirely organic.

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The advantages of legal organic marijuana

Are you wondering why the organic cultivation of light grass is so important?

The reasons are different.

First of all, if you want to use this product, no pesticides will come into contact with your body. Not to mention the quality of the inflorescences, extremely superior to those derived from plants subject to the use of pesticides.

Although these substances can eliminate parasites and/or prevent their appearance, they can damage the delicate cannabis plant, which gives birth to suffering inflorescences, poor in resin and consequently of poor quality.

On the contrary, organic cultivation causes the seedlings to develop flowers rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, the main culprits of the perfume, flavour and effects of Sweet Berry and other types of marijuana.

Not to mention the negative impact that pesticides and other substances (for example chemical fertilizers) have on the environment. They are not only harmful to cannabis, but also the planet.

Of course, growing any product without using pesticides is for the moment a pure utopia. Still, we can do our part in favour of the environment by avoiding them in marijuana.

In conclusion

Sustainable, sweet and beautiful even to see, Sweet Berry legal CBD marijuana is one of the most appreciated varieties not only by our customers but by all cannabis fans.

Its peculiarity is precisely the similarity, in perfume and taste, with berries such as strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let it get away and buy it now on!