Marijuana muffins: the recipe to prepare delicious muffins!

legal marijuana muffins recipe

Surprise your guests with marijuana muffins: why prepare them, what ingredients to buy and how to serve them.

Whether you are a connoisseur of the world of legal CBD marijuana who have decided to try something unusual, or if you are a novice at the first experiences, the answer to the question ” why make legal weed muffins ” … the answer is always the same: to try a new experience.

The desire to relax, the possibility of having fun, the curiosity to try something new led you to the world of marijuana. And now, here you discovered the possibility of preparing cannabis desserts, and you said to yourself: why not?

Why not lie down comfortably on the sofa, in front of a good movie to spend an evening capable of satisfying both our gluttony and freeing us from anxiety and daily stress?

Why not prepare a nice tray of muffins to serve at the end of a dinner with friends to make the evening more original and fun?

marijuana light muffins to serve at the end of a dinner with friends

Why not try serving the same desserts at a special party to find out the reaction of your closest family members?

It is why making CBD weed muffins is an experience: because it will lead to something new and memorable. Whether it’s an evening dedicated only to yourself: capable of giving you the energy necessary to face the weeks to come.

It is a moment of new conviviality and time to laugh with friends with those unexpected reactions from close relatives. It doesn’t matter: it will still be a unique experience to remember with a smile.

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What ingredients are needed to make CBD marijuana muffins and where can I buy them?

The ingredients for preparing legal CBD cannabis muffins are the same as those used in traditional recipes: chocolate, banana and strawberry depending on personal tastes to which milk, flour, almonds and walnuts that can adapt to any allergies or intolerances.

ingredients for cannabis cbd muffins

The only difference in the preparation of our muffins will be the use of butter incorporated with CBD cannabis.

The purchase of the necessary materials at our site is recommended for both first-time customers and more experienced and demanding customers.

The detailed and exhaustive product sheets will be able to guide newbies to make the best product that suits their needs – which is, therefore, neither too aggressive nor ineffective.

Our full range of CBD, proposed through our website, will be a great selection of cannabis that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Even for those who want to innovate. So let’s give you everything you need to prepare your cannabis butter.

To prepare it at home, use a knife or scissors to finely chop the cannabis flowers you have selected. It will then be incorporated into a stick of butter, or a bowl of margarine, following the traditional recipes dedicated to the flavouring of these foods.

Recipe, ingredients and preparation for legal CBD marijuana muffins and chocolate


The doses indicated here will serve to prepare 12 muffins weighing about 100g each.

  • Type 00 flour: 320g,
  • White sugar: 320g,
  • Whole or partially skimmed milk: 200g,
  • Cannabis Butter: 150g,
  • Dark chocolate: 120g,
  • Cocoa powder (sweet or bitter according to taste): 80g,
  • Icing sugar: 50g,
  • Cake yeast: 8g,
  • Bicarbonate: 2g,
  • 5 medium or large eggs (shelled about 240g),
  • ½ Lime – to taste.

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Preparation of ingredients and cuisine:

Before you start, wait for milk, butter and eggs to reach room temperature.

  • In a deep dish, break the eggs and, with the help of a fork, beat them slightly with large, circular movements that incorporate enough air.
  • Place on a large container, preferably in a cup or with a spout, a suitable sieve or a colander and proceed to filter and combine the flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda.
  • Chop the dark chocolate with a knife making very thin flakes with a thickness of less than one millimetre. If you prefer to avoid this phase, you can choose to use chocolate chips, but the final result will lose some of its rustic and homemade appearances.
  • If you wish, you can make your muffins lighter by squeezing the juice of half a lime in the milk to make the recipe less fat on the palate. Another bonus is a pleasant aromatic aftertaste just mentioned.
  • Then prepare, above the pan that you are going to put in the oven, 12 slightly buttered medium-sized cups.
  • Finally preheat the oven to 180 ° C and select a static airflow.


  • In a good-sized bowl, with the help of a whisk, add the butter and sugar. If you work in winter, you can carry out this step in a bain-marie, taking care not to melt the butter too much, which must maintain a soft but slightly firmer consistency than a cream.
  • Continuing to whisk the butter and sugar cream, gently and slowly incorporate the eggs until a well-blended and lump-free mixture is obtained.
  • At this point, always gently, pour the amalgam of flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda, continuing to mix with the whisk until obtaining a soft, homogeneous and very dense paste.
  • Once you have incorporated all the powdered components, add the chocolate chips, taking care to spread them evenly, and start mixing again by adding the milk poured in flush. In this phase, exchange the whisk for a spatula or a long-handled spoon.
  • When the mixture has become a soft and homogeneous cream, in which small chocolate crystals will emerge, pour it into the twelve previously prepared baking cups with the help of a ladle or spoon and trying to make portions that are as uniform as possible.
  • Finally, insert the baking tray with the baking cups into the preheated oven and cook for about 25/30 minutes.
  • After 22 minutes, pierce one of the muffins with a toothpick and, adjusting according to the humidity of the wood, decide how long to continue cooking. Try to do this quickly so as not to cool the oven too much: for the same reason, remember to promptly close the oven door before devoting yourself to examining the toothpick.

How to serve marijuana muffins

Once ready, take the muffins out of the oven and move them from the pan on which they rested, to prevent them from drying out by continuing the cooking process, and let them rest until they have completely cooled.

At this point, move them on an elegant serving tray and decorate them by sprinkling them with plenty of icing sugar passed through a sieve.

Now there will be nothing left to do but bring your creation to the table. Make no secret of what these muffins are and warn your guests before the tasting.

Especially if around the table, there are guests of religious denominations with strict rules about cannabis. In the same way, it is good practice to wait for the children to be well away from the table before serving the edibles.

Accompany your pastry with a good dessert wine or, even better, bitters and spirits that can be chosen by those who prefer not to taste the sweets to keep the level of joy high. A playful joke against them will be almost mandatory.

Still, it will be entertaining if it will always remain genuinely convivial without ever treading the hand or falling into the offensive. You are always the hosts, and your role is to make all guests pass a moment of pure joy.