Marijuana oil: what it is and what it is used for

marijuana oil: what is used for


Hemp will never cease to amaze us. The enormous potential of this plant is a reason for continuous study, moreover we already use it daily in so many aspects of our life that it is almost difficult to keep up.

Time will surely reveal other surprises to us. Among the different forms in which we are given the opportunity to take advantage of the great properties and quality of hemp, there is oil. Not to be confused with CBD oil.

But let’s see in more detail what we talk about.

CBD oil and hemp oil, what they are and how they differ.

The cannabis oil has a purpose, a use and a different method of assumption, very far from that of the hemp oil.

Although both substances come from cannabis, the latter comes from its seeds, while CBD oil is extracted exclusively from its flowers.

Obtained through the union of different inflorescences of medical cannabis, cannabidiol oil is created thanks to the further conjunction of these with a liquid (these can be oil, alcohol or other often evaporable), which has in itself the purpose of transferring the substances proper to the oil flower.

The CBD oil to  be used as a flavoring product or food supplement is available in at dedicated stores such as our online weed shop.

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Instead, it is possible to buy the therapeutic product only through a non-repeatable medical prescription prepared according to the law 94/98 (Di Bella Law).

This product is created in specially equipped laboratories, with certified and controlled raw materials.

With the use of sterile syringes and micropore filters that make it possible to obtain a sterile and microbiologically pure oil. This allows you to take possession of analyzes aimed at knowing the quantity of cannabinoids present and knowing how to manage the dosage.

For therapeutic oil, a very pure, controlled and rich in THC or CBD cannabis is used , since its use is strictly limited to sedate pains such as those generated by serious neurological diseases.

As far as hemp oil is concerned , the story is very different.

We get it from weed seeds, not from flowers.

Furthermore, its processing can be done in many different ways, even if the one recommended by experts is the cold pressing method.

Hemp oil is easily sold in common supermarkets: it can be found on special shelves together with sunflower seeds, corn, etc.

Hemp oil bottle

This oil has the purpose of seasoning, especially recommended for children and adolescents, categories with an organism under development.

Hemp oil: how is it used?

Gutted and including the pharmaceutical use of marijuana oil, we now look at other possible uses. Starting from the culinary one.

Hemp oil is rich in Omega3 and Omega6, has an abundant amount of vitamin E, B1 and B2, along with traces of numerous other vitamins and, in addition, contains different essential fatty acids.

For these reasons, hemp oil is considered extremely useful and healthy for the body, given its ability to maintain a proper cellular balance and promote a healthy and continuous osmosis process, which detoxifies the body and counteracts its accumulation of free radicals.

The best way to take hemp oil, in order to avoid altering or losing its extraordinary organoleptic properties, is to ingest it raw. It has an aftertaste very similar to the flavor of hazelnuts.

Furthermore, 100% of the oil fat is made up of triglycerides.

As the lipid concentration varies according to the squeezing, each time we find ourselves in front of a different component subdivision table.
In the case of cold pressing, we have 90% unsaturated fatty acids and 10% saturated fatty acids.

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The supply of essential acids is incredibly valid both for the high concentration of these and for the exceptional relationship between them.

It has in itself a great concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6, as already seen, but it contains them in a relationship that creates a perfect synergy between them.

As for calories, cannabis oil is considered as any cooking oil. Provides 9 Kcal per gram.

But that’s not all, as there are still so many different and possible uses of hemp and its properties.

We have seen and developed the aspects of pharmaceutical and culinary oil, but it is possible to use this extraordinary properties of this plant in sectors such as the wearable, fuel and even cosmetic sectors.

It can even be used to create lubricants and plasticizers.

Another possible use is to exploit its emollient, or protective properties against redness due to cold or external inflammation.

On the other hand, its fair concentration of unsaturated fatty acids is excellent for skin nutrition.

Applying hemp oil on your healthy skin guarantees the maintenance of an elastic and compact skin, but if it is used on damaged skin, then it can improve its natural regenerative process.