Marijuana harvest times

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Did you want to finally develop some of that green thumb that you feel you have inside and you have decided to start this adventure with a legal weed cultivation?

If you want to know what you need to start with, what is the right seed and what is the time required for flowering, harvesting and drying, continue reading the article.

What are cannabis seeds and how are they grown?

Weed seeds are of various types, but we are now dealing with two cases: autoflowering and feminized.

The first are already announced by their name.

When this type of seed sprouts, you have to start immediately.

The autoflowering plants have a fixed date for the collection and this is why it is possible to foresee it. An example of autoflowering is the Lowryder.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, have a timing that varies depending on the variety. The difference between one type and another can be days or even weeks.

We also have two cultivation possibilities, the internal (Indoor) and the external (Outdoor).

The Indoor usually have a flowering period of between 8 and 12 weeks.

It must be emphasized that in the case of indoor cultivation, everything related to the appearance of lights, lighting times and temperatures is strictly tailored.

A very different subject for Outdoor crops, where the plant’s development phases are completely natural and therefore dictated by the times of nature.

To get good results you need to know the most suitable seasons for the chosen seeds.

For example the varieties with a strong sativa predominance require more time, more patience and more work than usual, since they bloom in about 3-4 months.

Hybrids, on the other hand, tend to be faster.

Compared to Indoor, outdoor cultivation certainly requires more experience, but also more work on the part of the grower.

He will find himself having to concentrate much more time on evolution, with the result of having a very slow flowering, with buds that can take up to 9 months before becoming collectible.

Understand that, even before starting to take the first steps, we need to study for a moment the properties and capabilities of the chosen seed, we also see together what are the rules necessary to understand if and how the plant is growing and maturing.

We repeat it: each variety of cannabis has a story of its own and times and modes change depending on the type.

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The signs that indicate the timing of marijuana harvesting

Understand when harvest time is approaching

Different signals allow us to clearly understand when harvest time is approaching. Let’s see them in detail.

The evolution of the pistil

The pistils, placed on the tops of the flowers and with a filamentous shape, are visible to the naked eye. It contains the reproductive organs of female cannabis and its seed development is related to pollination by a male.

Their initial color is white, during growth they take on different shades until the flower completes its maturation cycle.

When we look at our plant, we can understand the harvest times thanks to simple rules: if we have the majority of the original white pistils, we have to wait.

Once half of the pistils have become dark in color, collection is possible. The times, from here on, are at the grower’s choice.

The difference in the percentage of transformation of the pistils is closely related to the percentage of THC that the plant will have in itself.


Trichomes are the small mushroom-shaped glands that produce the resin containing cannabinoids and terpenes. They are located in the resinous flowers and leaflets.

The trichomes are microscopic, so they are too small for the vision with the naked eye.

If we want to observe them to understand the development of the plant, we need a magnifying glass or a microscope.

If the magnifying glass is by far a cheaper and easier to find tool, only under a microscope we could observe certain nuances, give us an image of the much sharper trichomes.

But, as mentioned, we are talking about a much more expensive device.

The trichomes appear to us, at the beginning of flowering, transparent, very similar to crystals. We are talking about a state in which the flower is not yet mature and has not developed its power.

Over the weeks, the trichomes will reach a darker shade, until they reach a milky white.

Finally, we will observe the trichomes reach a state of total opacity.

We are at the point where the THC present in the plant has reached its peak. The perfect time to collect the buds, then.

If we decide to wait longer, the same trichomes will reach a more yellowish, intense color. At this stage the plant releases buds that have more physical and sedative effects.

In conclusion

Now you know how to figure out when to collect your CBD flowers inflorescences!

We advise you, if you are not an expert farmer, to start with Indoor cultivation, and wish you all the best for your new adventure.