What is legal CBD marijuana?

What is legal CBD marijuana

Legal CBD marijuana: what it is and what are the effects and benefits of using legal CBD cannabis.

Legal CBD marijuana in Italy

Thousands of years ago, as you can imagine, there was no distinction between legal CBD and marijuana.

Cannabis, probably born in Central Asia about 10,000 years ago, was commonly used for food and textile as well as medical, spiritual and recreational purposes.

Perhaps it will surprise you to know that until the 1930s Italy was one of the major hemp producing nations.

Legal CBD marijuana in italy

This was cultivated in our country to produce, consume and mainly export the following products:

  • textiles

  • ropes

  • paper

  • feed for livestock

However, with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the United States strictly prohibited cannabis cultivation.

Marijuana was in fact regarded as the “drug of violent people” and therefore highly dangerous.

In the following years many other states also adapted to the USA, and the use of cannabis changed from legal to illegal (even partially) in almost the whole world.

In Italy the blow came in 2006 with the Fini-Giovanardi Law. This, among other provisions, abolished the distinction between soft drugs and hard drugs, but was repealed in 2014 by the Constitutional Court.

The turning point in marijuana CBD in our nation came just recently, with the approval of the Law of December the 2nd 2016 n. 242.

CBD cannabis in Italy: what the 242/2016 Law says

Law 242/2016, which came into force on January the 14th, 2017, revolutionized the concept of CBD cannabis in Italy.

In fact, from 2017 it is possible to produce and sell (with the classic authorizations of commercial establishments) weakened cannabis, known as CBD weed.

The THC contained in this type of marijuana must be less than 0.2%.

But for what purposes is it possible to produce it according to Law 242/2016?

Here they are listed below:

  • food and cosmetics

  • as supply to industries and craft activities (in the form of semi-finished products such as fibers, fuels, etc.)

  • for green manure

  • in bioengineering and green building, as a material to be used during the works

  • for the purification of polluted environments

  • for research / educational purposes

  • nursery

The recreational purpose is not mentioned, but neither is it explicitly forbidden, so much so that this argument is still controversial.

It must be said, however, that the Court of Cassation, in the sentence of November the 28th, 2018, canceled a preventive seizure of marijuana CBD used for recreational purposes.

He stated that the Law 242/2016 “It is a law of support and promotion of production, in which – therefore – the reference to the type of use does not imply that other uses not mentioned are prohibited in themselves”.

Now, on the subject of use, we explore the effects and benefits of the legal hemp.

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Legal CBD marijuana: effects and benefits

As you could read, legal CBD cannabis in Italy has THC percentages lower than 0.2%.

effects and benefits of marihuana cbd

From its consumption, due to the very low content of tetrahydrocannabinol, no psychotropic effects are obtained.

The percentage of CBD (cannabidiol) is instead high.

CBD is, specifically, a metabolite with beneficial properties for our body. Here is what you can find during and after the consumption of CBD flowers (therefore depowered):

  • relaxation

  • reduction of involuntary muscle contractions (as CBD has anticonvulsant and antidistoniche properties)

  • pain relief, thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of the CBD

  • limitation of anxiety and panic

  • improvement of sleep quality

But be careful: CBD cannabis is not a medicine and cannot be sold or used for therapeutic purposes.

But why then use it?

Why use depleted marijuana (CBD cannabis)

The reasons why you should use weakened cannabis are different. Here are the main ones:

  • CBD weed… it’s legal! So if you prove to be in possession of marijuana CBD the Authorities cannot take action. In this regard, be smart and always keep the receipts of authorized dealers, such as www.justbob.net. Indeed, CBD flowers have the exact same aspect as illegal ones  … So it is up to you to prove yourself right.

  • You can use it, thanks to the high content of CBD, to calm annoying symptoms and disorders. Here are some examples:

    • migraine or, more generally, headache

    • menstrual and premenstrual pain

    • states of anxiety

    • nausea

  • Legal CBD marijuana relaxes you. You can therefore use it to relax before sleeping, perhaps in periods of severe stress and / or insomnia.

  • Do you love the taste of cannabis? Well know that the legal hemp is identical, in whatever way it is consumed! From inhalation to various culinary preparations (such as cakes, biscuits and even herbal teas) you can benefit from both the relaxing effect and its flavor.

  • The inflorescences of cannabis (also light) are rich in Omega 3 and 6, fatty acids really important for the body. For example, among all the properties, Omega 6 have anti-inflammatory effects, while Omega 3 improve circulation and can prevent cognitive discomforts.

  • The weakened cannabis has no side effects (however it is not recommended for use by people with heart problems and inhalation for those with respiratory problems such as asthma).

Ok. Now you know what the Italian legislation says about legal CBD cannabis, what effects and benefits it can bring to the body and why consume it.

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But where can you buy this particular product? Let’s find out in the next paragraph.

Where to buy legal CBD marijuana in Italy

Legal CBD cannabis is available at specialized, physical and online stores, such as our e-commerce justbob.it. Purchasing from authorized retailers allows you to obtain the certification for the legal CBD marijuana you buy.

In particular, the weakened cannabis sold in our store is traced and certified along the entire production chain, in order to guarantee the best quality.

Specifically, we exclusively choose organic cultivations of legal CBD marijuana, grown indoors and therefore strictly controlled.

But we do not stop here: the lots and samples for sale are all analyzed at the Laboratory of chemical-toxicological analysis of the University of Milan.

In short, if you buy on justbob.it you can be 100% sure of the lawfulness of our products.

You can also find legal CBD cannabis extracts in some herbalist’s shops, in the form of herbal teas, ointments and creams.

As for tobacco shops, the situation is still a bit confusing. The fact is, however, that marijuana CBD is neither a surrogate nor a tobacco derivative.

The tobacconists could therefore also incur in important sanctions: not by chance the Italian Federation of Tobacconists (FIT) discourages, at the moment, the sale.

Giovanni Risso, National President of the FIT, has nevertheless claimed to have already addressed the competent authorities and is awaiting their response.

Our advice is therefore to go exclusively to authorized retailers, such as justbob.it, in order to enjoy the best (absolutely legal) CBD cannabis productions!