CBD oil for dogs: let’s be clear

dogs and cbd oil

The cynophilist use of cbd oil. Is it really indicated for dogs?

The beneficial properties of CBD oil are now the subject of various researches, to the point that its use has extended to very different fields.

It has been discovered, in fact, that it produces positive effects not only on our body, but it can also be administered to dogs.

cbd oil for dogs

What is CBD oil

When we talk about CBD we talk about cannabidiol, which is one of the components of cannabis.

It is a non-psychoactive substance that does not create any kind of dependence if used. In fact, CBD differs from the psychoactive metabolite of cannabis, THC, also called tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD is a natural product with multiple potentials. It is usually used in the following ways:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • painkiller,
  • remedy against insomnia,
  • fights disorders like depression,
  • it is even applied to alleviate pain caused by multiple sclerosis

Cannabidiol, by now, can be taken in different ways and is now completely accepted in most medical therapies, reaching as far as veterinary medicine.

CBD oil has been widely used in this period.

It should be noted that this is extracted from hemp plants which, once ripe, are processed in order to extract the cannabidiol through an extraction technique called “CO₂”.

This last process is fundamental for obtaining purified oils that do not contain the other terpens of marijuana. In fact, CBD oils can be classified as purified and raw.

Purified CBD oils are naturally processed to eliminate fats, chlorophyll and other unwanted chemicals. In fact, compared to the raw one, they have a lighter color and a more natural fragrance.

The raw CBD oils, on the other hand, retain all the terpenes of the cannabis, taking on a characteristic green color and appearing much more dense.

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Why use CBD oil?

Cannabis oil can be used for several reasons, which generally correspond to the beneficial properties of legal weed.

It is indeed used as:

  • Food supplement: it is a substance rich in omega3, omega6 and vitamin E. In addition, it is known for the energizing properties it gives to our body and for its ability to strengthen the immune system;
  • Anti-inflammatory, excellent in the treatment of local traumas, irritations and redness thanks to the ability to relax the muscles and intervene positively on the joints;
  • Painkiller, particularly indicated to relieve pain caused by chronic pain. The intake of a few drops of CBD oil therefore manages to regulate the perception of pain by acting as a muscle relaxant;
  • Remedy for anxiety and insomnia: it is beneficial for mood, as it improves the quality of sleep and acts positively on symptoms related to anxiety.

cbd have no influence on the psyche

Why use hemp oil for dogs?

After highlighting the beneficial properties obtained from the consumption of CBD in the form of oil, it is good to understand now what help can provide to our dogs.

As for humans, the endocannabinoid system that regulates mood, pain and other physiological functions is present also for animals (therefore not only dogs, but also cats).

CBD oil (like CBD Sensitiva Pets ) can be given to dogs as a painkiller and an anticonvulsant.

The cannabidiol, in fact, manages to control tremors, tics or spasms (not by chance that CBD for epileptic dogs can really be an excellent solution).

Another factor that is often overlooked is the anxiety that affects our dogs, such as travel or separation.

Many studies have shown that CBD oil can temporarily increase serotonin levels, so as to act as an anxiolytic.

CBD oils act naturally and, therefore, without presenting side effects.

However, it is not recommended to abuse it in order to avoid the same minor contraindications as people, such as loss of appetite and weight, dehydration, fatigue and dry mouth (read the following article: “What contraindications does CBD oil have?“) .

CBD oil for dogs: dosage

CBD oil is usually administered orally, so you should use the dropper to insert it directly into the dog’s mouth. Often this could be difficult, but an excellent solution could be to mix the drops with their food. However, special attention must be paid to doses: it is advisable to mix one drop per 500 grams of food.

Before deciding that our dog needs a CBD-based treatment, it is always good to consult a veterinarian to avoid causing further problems. It is generally suggested to administer one drop of every 4.5 kg of animal weight once a day for a whole week.

After the first week it is possible to bring the dosage to twice a day or even three. Therefore it is not necessary to increase the number of drops but only the frequency of administration.

All of this is intended to improve the health or mental state of the dog. It is therefore necessary to focus on his behavior and mood to verify the positive effect of CBD oil on our domestic friends.

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Are there risks of overdose for dogs?

The side effects caused by excessive consumption of CBD oil on dogs should not be underestimated. Even if the animal would not be in any danger of life, too high a dosage could cause him to lack appetite or make him unable to stand up.

These side effects can last a few hours or even a few days.

Usually, to avoid problems, it is good to buy oils with CBD concentrations lower than 5% if they are not serious problems; therefore the best choice is to start from the lowest concentrations.

CBD OIL is also compatible with veterinary therapies, as well as humans.

If this type of product is used based on the characteristics and specific problem of the animal, the results are guaranteed.