CBD cannabis: average price and top quality. The best value selection at JustBob

CBD cannabis average price and top quality

Here are the 3 cheapest trending legal marijuana inflorescences in Justbob’s catalogue.

The trade of CBD flowers was born in Italy in 2017, and since then it is continuously increasing … but what is the right price for this cannabis? One criticism that is often made of CBD weed is precisely related to the price, and many say that it costs as much as, if not more, the illegal one. But will this be the case?

The reality is different from how it is portrayed, as illegal marijuana is grown in an improper, unauthorised, uncontrolled, non-certified and tax-free way. Now, the production and trade of legal cannabis, quite the opposite of the previous one, has costs to bear that affect the final price of marijuana.

Average price of cbd cannabis

CBD Cannabis average price

Speaking of legal grass, the average price per gram is between 9€ and 12€: factors that can influence the final cost of the same product are, for example:

  • Own production or purchase from the producer
  • Physical shop or online shop
  • Purchase format

The first two are easy to analyse, as it is clear that a product purchased from the tertiary sector will have a higher cost for the trader and, therefore, for the end customer. The street shop, on the other hand, certainly has different costs to bear than an CBD online shop.

But the factor that interests us most is that of the purchase formats: if you pay attention to it, all packaged products that are sold by weight decrease their cost as the quantity increases. If you buy a larger package, you will spend less, per kilo, on that product.

Even in the case of legal marijuana, it works this way, so buying a 1 gram pack of CBD buds at a given price per kg will be more expensive than purchasing a 10 gram pack. Most of the trade is based on this principle, so before talking about the price of legal cannabis, it is good to analyse the whole picture.

Moreover, certified products guarantee their purity in terms of organicity, i.e. that they have been grown without the use of pesticides and chemical herbicides. Often CBD cannabis is produced using innovative techniques such as hydroponics and aeroponics. It makes an excellent end product, and this affects the cost of production.

Let’s discover which are the 3 cheapest trend legal hemp varieties in JustBob’s catalogue.

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1) Lemon Cheese Marijuana: high quality at low cost.

The queen of the compromise between quality and price in Justbob’s catalogue is undoubtedly the Lemon Cheese: it is an organic legal marijuana variety grown in Pavia in greenhouse greenhouses, without artificial light. The inflorescences of this cannabis quality can reach peaks of 19% CBD and have a THC of less than 0.2%.

The price of Lemon Cheese CBD starts from 5.83 €/g of the 3 g pack to 2.7 €/g of the 100 g pack. This type of CBD flower has exceptional aromatic characteristics, including the intense and enveloping scent of citrus blossoms, with a predominance of lemon.

On the palate, there is the limoninous component, given by the significant content of limonene, and a characteristic flavour reminiscent of cheddar cheese, which offers a unique taste. The inflorescences of Lemon Cheese are of medium size, have a light green colour tending to yellow and bright orange pistils and trichomes.

In short: beautiful to see and unusual in terms of aromas! Don’t miss this variety of CBD weed with an unbeatable value for money. Click here to buy it now!

2) Melon Kush CBD: an affordable mix of flavours.

The second-ranked on the podium of the three trend-setting qualities of legal hemp cheapest in the Justbob catalogue is the eclectic Melon Kush. This variety of light cannabis comes from Lombardy’s organic greenhouse crops, with CBD levels of 18% and THC below 0.2%.

Melon Kush CBD inflorescences cost between 6.16 €/g of the 3g format and 2.90 €/g of the 100g format. A high quality/price ratio, difficult to find for legal weed, from excellent and valuable craft like this one.

Melon Kush buds appear very light green and have a strong presence of resin covering the trichomes and bright orange pistils, tending to yellow. The aromas of this variety of legal cannabis are very warm and reminiscent of melon and ripe yellow fruit, with reminiscences of pine and hints of wet earth: a quality of cannabis very suitable for summer.

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3) Mango Haze marijuana: a tropical mix that costs less than a drink.

The third in Just bob ‘s catalogue of the cheapest varieties of trendy light grass is the very special Mango Haze. This quality of legal marijuana is produced in a greenhouse in Italy – in a Piedmontese location 600m above sea level, not by chance it is a very cold-resistant hemp.

Mango Haze cannabis inflorescences can reach peaks of 19% CBD and have a THC content of less than 0.2%. The cost of this legal weed variety is 6.5 €/g for the 3g pack and 3.05 €/g for the 100g pack, in addition to the series of intermediate sizes.

The aromas of Mango Haze buds are unparalleled: a mix of tropical hints such as mango, papaya and exotic mixed fruit, for a very refreshing finish reminiscent of Hawaiian cocktails. Even the appearance is immediately striking, thanks to the dense presence of orange and red trichomes that hover over the intense green, almost covering it.

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Final considerations.

As you have seen, it is not always true what they say about light cannabis and the high price: there are many cases where the cost is much lower than the average cost of illegal marijuana. Next time they ask if you know how much 1 kg of legal weed costs, you will have all the numbers to answer correctly.

Justbob is one of the cheapest Italian producer and U.S. retailers of legal marijuana, with an assortment of products made from high quality, certified and organic legal hemp plants. In addition to light hemp inflorescences, on the website, you can also buy legal hash and CBD oil of impeccable craft.

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