Cannabis ice cream: 3 reasons to try it now

cbd weed ice cream

Marijuolo gelato: the 100% legal cannabis ice cream.

If you are a CBD cannabis a fan, you will probably be informed about the cannabis products that can be bought both in specialist shops and in standard supermarkets. Flour, oil and peeled hemp seeds can end up on your table without any risk, as they are entirely legal.

Among the food products based on marijuana, born after the law 242/2016, we find the cannabis ice cream produced by the company Doringel in Brembate (Italy). Riding the wave of the success of CBD flowers, the company has created a real CBD ice cream called… “Drum roll” … Marijuolo!

We can discuss the originality of the name it in other articles, but today we want to talk to you about this fantastic product based on cannabis flower extracts.

It is not the only marijuana ice-cream on the market (there is a lot of hemp ice-cream made by artisan ice-cream parlours), but it is the first ice-cream of this kind to be produced industrially.

But what are the three characteristics of Marijuolo that you absolutely should know? Keep reading, and you will discover them!

1) Cannabis ice cream: it is not psychoactive but has profoundly beneficial effects.

CBD cannabis ice cream

Marijuolo, the CBD weed ice cream, is a product made with extracts, infusions of Sativa cannabis and CBD oil and is completely THC-free. It could be bad news for those looking for a “high”, but if you’re reading a CBD weed blog you shouldn’t be disappointed!

It is known that CBD flowers and its extracts are not psychoactive but preserve all the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol). Specifically, CBD is a cannabinoid that has predominantly relaxing effects and based on the percentages taken. It also has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and many others.

The Doringel company talks mainly about muscle relaxation and relief against stress, anxiety and physical pain. These are the benefits that you could find simply by eating a pastel green ice cream: a product not to be missed!

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2) The authenticity of cannabis ice cream Marijuolo.

A lot of people would like genuine food products, without artificial colours and GMO. Besides, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance have difficulty finding foods (including ice cream) that they can eat without consequences.

Marijuana ice cream is totally healthy: it contains no harmful substances or traces of gluten. Besides, industrial cannabis is produced sustainably, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It means that this ice cream makes a difference… But we knew that from the moment we read about its benefits!

I mean, what other ice cream gives us physical benefits?

3) The taste of marijuana ice cream.

cannabis cbd ice cream

Marijuolo is made with cannabis extracts and methods that keep the typical taste of CBD buds and plants intact. You will eat an ice cream unique, which differs from the classic ice-cream also for its herbaceous flavour.

In summer you can refresh yourself with an ice-cream with an aromatic, tasty and relaxing, anti-stress and pain-relieving flavour.

What better way to take a break from the hectic routine of your days and the anxieties and worries that may be afflicting you?

A legal cannabis ice cream is undoubtedly the right solution for a moment of relaxation that you have never tried before.

Are you wondering if you can make hemp ice cream at home?

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Making a homemade cannabis ice cream

We have to give you some bad news: cannabis flowers are used for technical and collecting purposes, so smoking them or preparing food at home using them is not legal. The recipes for cannabis ice cream, whether light or not, include the use of cannabutter (cannabis butter) as well as cooking cream, sugar and seasonal fruit.

And it is known that to make cannabis butter you need marijuana flowers to boil with butter (because cannabinoids are fat-soluble). But at home, these practices are still administrative offences, so it would be better if you bought the marijuana from authorized retailers, including supermarkets, rather than making it by hand.

Besides, the process for homemade hemp ice cream from cannabutter is very long: it is better to make a detour to the market and enjoy a product legally on the market!

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