White Widow marijuana: all you need to know about it

White widow legal marijuana

All the characteristics of the White Widow marijuana: aroma, taste and effects.

White Widow: what is it?

Among the most famous varieties of CBD flower there is the White Widow, created by Green House, in the Netherlands, in the 1995.

It Became immediately famous for the white coloring of the leaves in the flowering period, the White Widow is characterized by a pungent aroma, with hints of pine resin and spicy notes.

white widow light bud

This particular type of marijuana is born from the pollination of a Brazilian sativa (Manga Rosa) with an hybrid indica of India (Kerala).

The result is a CBD cannabis variety characterized by a THC concentration generally lower than 0.2%, and therefore within the legal parameters, and a medium to high CBD concentration, with values around 24%.

In the psychotropic version, and therefore illegal in Italy, the White Widow is characterized by high THC values, about 19%, which it inherits from the Sativa variety, and high concentrations of CBD, about 24%, which it inherits from the Indica variety, presenting effects that tend to the sativa variety.

The plant is rich in resin and preserves the typical morphology of cannabis indica, with the shoots that are gathered in dense clusters at the nodes of the stem and branches.

Specifically, it appears as an indica, or a plant of small size that tends to form dense bushes with large leaves and rapid flowering times.

It usually takes 9 weeks to reach the full maturity and is characterized by a slower vegetative phase than the flowering one.

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Characteristics of the White Widow plant

White Widow, if grown outdoors, can reach up to 1.90 meters in height, with an inflorescence yield of around 550/600 grams per plant.

Like all cannabis plants that have an indica-dominant phenotype, it does not take up too much space: during sowing it is sufficient to leave a space between one plant and another of 15/20 centimeters.

From the indica variety, White Widow inherits the resistance to fertilizers: unlike the sativa, which does not tolerate too many interventions, cannabis plants of indica variety need a soil rich in nutrients. Therefore they do not disdain the use of fertilizers to speed up their growth and maximize the harvest.

From the climatic point of view, the White Widow is extremely flexible, making it good both in hot climates and in the climates of Northern Europe, not being susceptible to late frosts.

Absolutely to avoid, instead, are the stagnant water: soils that are too wet or incapable of absorbing precipitation, in fact, cause chlorosis of the leaves and damage the roots.

In general, White Widow CBD weed is grown indoors, so as to have humidity and temperature under control, but also outdoor cultivation allows excellent yields to be recorded.

White Widow marijuana cbd indoor cultivation

As for indoor cultivation, practiced in countries where it is legal, the White Widow plant maintains small dimensions, from 60 to 100 centimeters, with a yield of 450/500 grams per square meter under a 600W lamp.

It does not need excessive maintenance and is characterized by a very strong and pervasive smell.

Features and effects of the White Widow marijuana

In the legal version, White Widow is characterized by a medium to high CBD concentration of around 24% and a fresh and clean pine flavor.

If inhaled, citrusy tones also emerge at the suction, making the White Widow a variety of CBD buds rich in sensations, with a very satisfying smoke, with nuances of aromas and invigorating.

In the psychotropic version, illegal in Italy, this type of cannabis has the effects of the sativa variety.

The high concentrations of THC, or the psychoactive metabolite of cannabis, cause a stimulating and energizing effect in the consumer, leading to a series of symptoms generally known as “high”.

White Widow, due to medium to high THC concentrations, is considered a powerful variety, so caution is advised for novice smokers. The sweet aroma and pleasant taste give the impression of a cannabis variety with easy-to-control effects, while in reality the effect is overwhelming.

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The smoke flows easily, without irritating, leaving in the mouth a sweetish aftertaste with slightly spicy initial tones.

The miscellany of flavors and aromas make it a real variety for connoisseurs, champion of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and since then winner of many other awards, considered virtually free of defects.

Among the effects there is an increase in creativity: thought is left free to wander but without creating the “stoned” effect, of introspective closure.

Those who try White Widow have often felt carried away by the desire to share it with friends and at the same time to take the mind off to deeper thoughts. It is, therefore, a type of marijuana indicated for socialization and communication.

The effects on the body, on the other hand, are affected by the high CBD content, resulting in general relaxation and the disappearance of chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, stress and depression.

If consumed together with friends, White Widow can lead to spending long hours sitting on the couch and talking amiably about the most diverse subjects.

For this reason we recommend, in general, a gradual consumption, without abusing of it, so as to be able to enjoy its aroma, flavor and effects.

The abuse, in fact, could induce sleepiness if not even a shocking “high”.

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