Cannabis Flos: what it is and what its effects are

What is Flos cannabis and its effects

Cannabis flos is a type of medical marijuana imported from holland. Here’s what its effects are and where to find it

Among the types of medical marijuana available in Italy, one of the most famous is the one known as Cannabis Flos, produced in Holland or, better, in the Netherlands, and then utilized as a therapeutic product.

At the moment, it is difficult to find information about it, so much so that many people search Google for data on this cannabis variety but do not find satisfactory enough explanations.

For this reason, today, we have decided to deviate from CBD weed for a moment and talk about Cannabis Flos so that you may know everything about it!

What is Cannabis Flos, and what are its THC and CBD quantities?

Cannabis Flos refers to the medical marijuana flowers grown and processed in the Netherlands (specifically in the province of Groningen) by the company Bedrocan International. These flowers are imported into many European Union countries to cover, at least in part, people’s great demand for medical cannabis.

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Basically, the cannabis that arrives in the form of flos (from the Latin “flowers”) is of the Sativa type and includes two particular varieties:

  • Bedrocan, with THC 22% and CBD <1%
  • Bedrobinol, with THC 13.5% and CBD <1%

Another 3 strains may arrive in other states of Europe from Holland, imported not in the form of flowers but in granular form. Here are which ones:  

  • Bediol, Sativa with THC 6.3% and CBD 8%
  • Bedica, Indica with THC 14% and CBD <1%
  • Bedrolite, Sativa with THC <1% and CBD 9%

These products are marketed by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and distributed in countries that have entered into agreements with the Netherlands Ministry of Health.

Many think that Flos is a medical cannabis strain, but that’s not the case! The Latin term flos refers to the form in which it is packaged and then exported from Holland, namely flowers. There is no marijuana strain (not even CBD cannabis) called flos, although, at the moment, only Bedrocan and Bedrobinol are distributed in the form of dried hemp buds.

Cannabis flos or dried medical marijuana flowers

Where can Bedrocan and Bedrobinol be found in the form of cannabis flowers?

Patients cannot independently order medical cannabis from Bedrocan International (or any other company) because it is a product available only with prescription. Furthermore, no patient, even with a prescription, can find Cannabis Flos or marijuana flowers!

Only licensed pharmacies can order and receive Bedrocan, Bedrobinol and other medical herb varieties, including FM1 and FM2 grown in Italy.

For example, the World Trade Organization delivers cannabis products to pharmaceutical companies and researchers in packages containing 400 grams of plant material or 5-gram jars for medical use.

Subsequently, the pharmacies take care of making medicines (i.e., prepared in the pharmacy laboratory itself) and distributing them to patients according to the indications of the medical prescription.

Therefore, patients do not receive Bedrocan and other types of medical cannabis in the form of inflorescences but in the form of drugs. At the moment, pharmacies can make the following preparations based on therapeutic hemp:

  • decoction papers in herbal tea
  • openable capsules for decoction in micronized cannabis infusion
  • decarboxylated tablets for oral use
  • tincture based on ethyl alcohol of cannabis
  • resin-based on ethyl alcohol of cannabis
  • extracted in olive oil
  • cannabis eye drops (dedicated to glaucoma therapy)
  • extracted in supercritical CO2
  • glycolic / glycerin extracts
  • extracts for electronic cigarettes
  • transdermal gel cannabis (PLO)
  • cannabis in cream
  • suppositories or pessaries
  • cocoa pills, known as medical cannabis chocolates
  • medical chewing-gum
  • papers for vaporization using vaporizers

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The effects of these drugs depend on cannabinoid concentrations, quantities, and frequency of intake. They usually have hypotensive, relaxing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. They can also stimulate appetite, counteract nausea and vomiting, and improve mood.

Where to find Bedrocan and Bedrobinol cannabis flowers

Who can request medical cannabis preparations at the pharmacy?

In some countries, like Italy for example, anyone with a pathology for which there is a minimum of scientific literature can ask their doctor for cannabis-based therapy.

Depending on the case, the doctor can draw up a prescription for therapies wholly paid for by the patient, or a “pink” prescription, for treatments reimbursed by the Regional Health System.

Although the use of CBD products is not formalized, many people rely on CBD flowers and CBD oil.

These products offer all the beneficial effects of cannabidiol, namely pain reliever, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and many more.

You can easily find them, at any time, in dedicated CBD online shop stores, such as Justbob!