Marijuana resin: the role of resin in the cannabis plant

role of marijuana resin in the cannabis plant

Why is resin important in marijuana and how does it affect smells and tastes?

Marijuana resin is one of the main elements that conventional and CBD cannabis farmers seek to preserve during the growth of their crop.

The resin plays a fundamental role in the growth of the plant itself, whether it is traditional or CBD weed, and keeps it alive during the flowering period.

At the same time, it is fundamental in protecting the plant itself from parasites and other insects, the worst enemies of traditional or CBD flower.

Therefore, we have decided to look into the subject of marijuana resin, as it is a subject that is very dear to the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts.

Let’s go and see what it is!

The resin in marijuana: what is it?

CBD weed resin role in the plant

Marijuana resin, in technical terms, can also be called sap or pollen.

It is extracted from the inflorescences of cannabis and is mainly present on trichomes. These are impossible to see with the naked eye and come in the form of fine filaments.

These are also essential, as they contain the highest concentration of the active ingredients of cannabis: THC and CBD.

The growers’ aim is, once the harvest is obtained, to treat it as well as possible. This way, the trichomes are not altered and do not lose the quality of the compounds they contain.

Once precise and careful extraction processes have been carried out, the resin will have a dense consistency and a darker colour. These are very delicate processes because errors in this phase can irreparably compromise resin’s typical principles.

Despite what one might think, marijuana plants are incredibly delicate and therefore require special care to ensure that the products live up to their expectations.

At JustBob, the CBD weed strains we process are all carefully treated to preserve the aromas and active ingredients intact, as befits any self-respecting CBD online shop!

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How is the resin extracted from marijuana?

At present, the processes for extracting the resins are different, and each has its particular characteristics that make these processes more or less simple.

One of the best-known methods is with water or ice. Commonly known as “ice water extraction“, it requires the presence of temperatures ranging from 2 degrees down. In this way, the trichomes are isolated, and their active ingredients are left intact.

Another well-known method is the use of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Even with this system, the properties expressed by the plant can remain unchanged.

The procedure is effective, even if it requires the use of special equipment, which not everyone has, or can use.

The most economical and practical choice, on the other hand, is “Dry Soft extraction”. In simple terms, you will need to use a cloth bag into which to insert the flowers.

The smaller the mesh size of the bag, the smaller the size of the resin collected. Most people who prefer this method recommend keeping the material to be used in the freezer for a few hours. Cold, as we all know now, favours the detachment of trichomes from the leaves.

A fascinating curiosity is also the possibility of using a smoothing iron. In this case, we are talking about the “Rosin Tech method”. The plate serves to release heat. Then, the resin (in liquid form) is removed on a special paper that has been greased beforehand.

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Is marijuana resin legal?

resin in CBD cannabis

The main reason why the resin is so popular is the fact that it contains CBD, which is associated with a variety of benefits.

It appears that cannabidiol has many positive effects on the body and psyche of consumers, without creating dependency or altering their emotional state in any way.

This resin comes mainly from Sativa genetics, typical of countries such as Indonesia or Thailand.

The resin in CBD buds is proving to be a concrete help in reducing problems related to insomnia or anxiety, releasing calming and relaxing effects.

On a clinical level, it has recently been discovered that CBD can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of certain serious illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis.

Finally, CBD is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, useful for strengthening the immune system. An active ingredient: the resin, contributes and is appreciated for the immediacy with which it acts.

As for ingestion, the methods are very similar to those for CBD oil: the oral route is generally preferred. You can drink it safely in a coffee or herbal tea as you desire!

While CBD is a legal substance in our country, extra attention is needed for the coexistence of THC in the different products derived from illegal or CBD flowers. The THC concentration limit is set by law at 0,2%.

Of course, on our CBD flower shop, all products are legal, and you will find a wide range of products (including CBD flower, CBD oil Sensitiva and CBD hash), to choose from according to your taste or the specific effects that you wish to obtain. These are carefully selected varieties with a certified origin.