Psychosis and light marijuana: what the studies say about it

Psychosis and light marijuana

Legal marijuana could attend the symptoms of psychosis. Here’s what the last searches say.

The fear of what we do not know, of what we do not possess secure and reliable information is absolutely normal. This is why the so-called urban legends are born, which spread like wildfire in a short time.

Among these, there is the one that sees Marijuana (not CBD cannabis but “classic”) as a cause of states of psychosis, alteration and a serious danger to the health of the consumer’s mind. This is absolutely not correct.

There are no absolutist medical opinions that demonize or deem Marijuana completely harmful for therapeutic use, as demonstrated by a correct and controlled legalization in several states.

On the contrary, the positive aspects of its use are different.

Let’s find out together what we’re talking about.

psychosis and marijuana light

Can Marijuana Hurt?

It depends. This is the most correct answer, since everything lies in knowing the type of cannabis we use, how we use it and where we found it.

We must immediately underline a very important thing; any type of Cannabis not purchased in regular online or physical stores, which has a THC value equal to and greater than 0.2% and whose provenance is not demonstrable, is absolutely illegal.

This also happens because buying Cannabis, other than legal weed, can be a source of risk for the consumer. Whoever purchases illegal marijuana can never be sure of the substances used in the laboratory for the final part of the processing of the flower and the level of THC present in it.

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A high level of uncontrolled THC, the use of toxic substances for the body and the mind can create serious health problems, including several states of uncontrolled psychosis in its users.

All these aspects have a great weight on the legalization of marijuana with low THC content. In fact, the question of how legitimate it is to sell or not CBD hemp is always open and a reason for political and social conflict. With great attention to the aspect of possible psychosis.

When we talk about “psychosis” we mean that state in which there are several symptoms of alteration, including hallucinations and pains. Their incidence is also due to the type of form we suffer from.

In the cases of more acute psychoses hallucinations and psychosomatic syndromes are present, while in the lighter forms we can find states of asociality, poor socialization and affective discomfort.

What is most worrying is that, given the facts, cannabis is consumed in various forms especially by people belonging to the most youthful groups. These are also the same ones in which the first symptoms of the most common mental disorders begin to manifest.

Studies show us that the presence of cannabis has an incision on the typical characteristics of mental disorders, but without changing them. Indeed, the use of cannabis in psychotic patients often leads to improvements.

But is it possible to develop a cannabis psychosis?

Studies have also evaluated this possibility and this aspect, reaching the conclusion that the “dose” has the greatest impact on the possibility of a relationship between cannabis and psychosis.

How much is used, how long and for how long are questions to be asked in case you want to compare on this topic.

Meanwhile, a study promoted by the Professor Philip McGuire, of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience (IoPPN) of the King’s College in London, shows us another very interesting aspect of the matter.

In his article, entitled “The Cannabidiol”, Professor McGuire refers to a metabolite of Cannabis, CBD precisely, as a resolution and reason for improvement for patients with psychosis.

Noting that conventional antipsychotic drugs had the role of acting as a blocker of dopamine receptors, the professor contested the reality that he saw more neurotransmitters altered in the case of psychosis and the presence of cases in which the patient had a relatively normal level of dopamine. This required an attempt to find new methods of care.

legal cannabis

All of this came together in an experiment that consisted in providing 88 patients suffering from schizophrenia with a daily dose of CBD equal to 1000mg, dividing the group between those taking the CBD and the one taking the placebo, both to be added to their normal care.

This test was necessary for the professor to understand the possibilities of medical use of the Cannabidiol.

The results led to a manifest reality; those taking CBD (high percentages in both CBD flowers and cannabis oil) were improved, with a drastic lowering of psychotic symptoms.

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Is the use of Cannabis Light advisable?

Precisely because CBD weed contains a very low THC level, as required by law, and a large amount of CBD, a conscious use of this legal substance can help in managing aspects of psychosis.

Any examples? Obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety states, chronic loss of appetite etc.

These and other symptoms can be relieved by the use of CBD buds and CBD oil, like the ones you can buy in our CBD cannabis online shop.