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    The Mango Haze

    The Mango Haze CBD is a legal cannabis strain that has become very famous in the last year, although it has been available for some time. This CBD Cannabis strain owes its popularity to a very sweet aroma and an extraordinary resistance to all weather conditions; this is the reason why farmers tend to grow these plants in hilly areas.

    The Overview

    Mango haze buds – at first glance – show an intense colour, ranging from a bright orange to a purple red. The underneath green is light, difficult to see because almost totally covered by orange and red trichomes. Buds often have a round shape and have an average size.

    The Aroma

    This legal CBD weed really owes a lot, its name in the first place, to its delicate aroma. The soft and sweet taste is strengthened in its aftertaste by the scent of exotic fruits like mango and papaya. The smell is delicate, light, sweet and never intrusive. These characteristics makes it a women’s favourite as well as the first choice of classic Haze lovers.

    Origin and Cultivation

    The cultivation of this plant is located at the foot of the Alps, in Upper Piedmont and near the Val d’Aosta. The farm grows this variety of legal marijuana near the mountains because of its extraordinary resistance to cold weather. Production takes place in greenhouses, using artificial light only in the initial phase of the plant's life.

    The Origins

    Mango Haze is a classic of the Haze family, and like other Hazes, it is predominantly Sativa. This strain is made from the crossing of three very famous varieties: the Skunk, the Haze and the Northern Lights. Experts will notice that these strains are the roots of the Super Silver Haze; the difference between the two is that for the Mango Haze has been used a specific type of Northern strain: "Northern Light # 5 Haze". Thanks to this peculiarity, this cross gives origin to a fruity variety, with relaxing effects.


    The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this strain. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another.

    Despite the variability, JustBob guarantees the legality of all the individual lots as the THC is analyzed daily on all the products sold..

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    9 reviews for MANGO HAZE

    1. Robert

      as always great quality but the indoors are better

    2. Margaret

      I think that overall it’s a good product but it’s not at the level of the other strains on this site

    3. Louise


    4. George

      I was positively surprised, it’s the first time I’ve tried light cannabis and I really liked it

    5. Matthew

      Fast delivery and good quality product

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