Marijuana Kush: the irreplaceable Melon Kush comes to life here.

origins of legal marijuana melon kush

Marijuana Kush: these are the characteristics of the “Mother” of Melon Kush.

One of the novelties in the vast panorama of CBD flower is the Melon Kush, an indica-dominant variety highly appreciated for its taste and scent.

As you can imagine, the taste is very sweet and fruity, and the hints of melon (from which it takes its name) and grapefruit stand out strongly. However, there is no lack of references to pine and earth, which contribute to making its flavour even fresher.

marijuana light melon kush origins

The smell is also very particular and intense, and almost reminiscent of newly blooming flowers.

But what are the origins of this brand-new CBD cannabis?

It is precisely the crossbreed between the Lemon Haze and the classic and renowned Kush. The Lemon Haze genetics give it the fresh flavour and much appreciated by admirers, but it is the genes of Kush that make it a variety of the highest value.

Kush varieties are well known for the production of buds rich in cannabinoids (THC in the case of non-weakened, CBD in the case of light) and are famous all over the world. It is no coincidence that the specific taste and smell of Kush are often also seen as a guarantee of high quality.

Let’s see, below, what are the characteristics and history of Kush marijuana, the mother of Melon and many other varieties of ganja (including Mango Kush, winner of numerous awards ).

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The history of Kush marijuana, parent of Mango Kush

For every cannabis strain currently available on the market there are native breeds responsible for its birth. You should know that many countries host different types of marijuana and in the parts of the world where the climate is warm and where the mountainous regions are located, fields and fields of cannabis naturally grow.

Thanks to the productivity of these plants, it is possible to find hundreds if not thousands of years of natural crossings within these fields. The original Kush variety originates from one of these regions, namely Afghanistan, and has since paved the way for the creation of numerous other species.

The cannabis strain Kush originally arrived in Amsterdam in the late 70s or early 80s, when cannabis enthusiasts travelled through the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan and ended up reporting in the Netherlands the seeds of the Hindu Kush mountain range between northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The name Kush derives from this region: it derives from the ancient Persian and translates excitingly as “Killer”!

Thanks to its very particular characteristics, its seeds have been used as the basis for the creation of many other species including, precisely, the Melon Kush legal CBD cannabis.

Are you wondering what features we are talking about? Go to the following paragraph, and you will discover them!

Characteristics of Kush marijuana, the mother of many other cannabis varieties.

Kush marijuana has many pros and few cons in terms of growing and growing difficulties and is a strain known by connoisseurs as high-quality medical marijuana.

Growers tend to love Kush because the buds that grow on this plant are well known for being very numerous and powerful in terms of cannabinoid quantities.

Most Kush strains grow at medium height with lateral branches similar to those of Christmas trees. The leaves are usually thick, wide and almost counterproductive as they allow little light to leak to the lower parts of the plant.

Kush varieties are usually short, stumpy plants with huge leaves, grow to an average height and lengthen very little during flowering. Specifically, they bloom in about 50-56 days, producing dark coloured buds coated with very thick resin.

resin of cbd legal cannabis melon kush

Cleaning Kush buds is very easy, as the calyx-leaf ratio is extremely low compared to a cannabis Sativa plant.

What can we say about taste and smell?

The scent of this cannabis strain is unmistakable; it is often associated with fuel and can be described as pungent, moist and tending to lemon. The smell of Kush is often so overpowering, and even the smallest bud can fill a large room with its fragrance.

The taste of a well-developed Kush is very similar to the aroma, tendentially citrus grove but also earthy and sometimes floral.

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Our CBD Melon Kush, a legal marijuana

As you have read, Kush gives rise, together with Lemon Haze, to our marijuana Melon Kush. The inflorescences that you find on are produced by a renowned Lombard farm, which adopts the Greenhouse cultivation technique, i.e. in the greenhouse.

Each greenhouse is organized in such a specific way to provide the plant with everything necessary for it to grow at its best and produce excellent and resin-rich buds. It is no coincidence that CBD is really high , so much so that it easily exceeds 18%!

Like all the inflorescences we sell, even those of Melon is organic, grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and free of heavy metals.

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