Legal marijuana and GlassHouse cultivation: the advantages.

Legal marijuana cbd and GlassHouse cultivation

Glasshouse: the organic cultivation that gives life to the Sweet Berry marijuana without any heavy metals and gmos.

What is GlassHouse legal marijuana growing?

The GlassHouse method is a type of plant cultivation, including legal weed, which involves controlled greenhouse growth.

glasshouse cultivation of sweet berry legal marijuana

It is one of the methods used by the companies that produce some of our light grass varieties (such as Sweet Berry and White Widow ), which could be completely identical to the Greenhouse method if it were not for a peculiarity. In GlassHouse, greenhouses made of glass, sunlight is mainly used, but when this is not enough, growers integrate it with artificial light.

This methodology allows a better yield of cannabis plants, which can receive ideal quantities of light at any time and season of the year.

But what are the other characteristics of greenhouse cultivation? Find out in the following paragraphs!

The characteristics of GlassHouse cultivation: pot or direct soil?

CBD Cannabis growers who choose the Glass House method are divided into two main groups: those who grow pot plants and those who produce them directly in the ground.

The advantage of the pots is that they can be easily moved if necessary, for example in unfavourable weather conditions or for other problems. But containers tend to need frequent watering and occasional fertilizers.

For example, when temperatures are very high, a large cannabis plant grown in a 10-litre container will need daily watering (but this is not a problem if you have a scheduled irrigation system).

On the other hand, there are fewer humidity problems with the pots, and the grower has more control over the addition of nutrients and attacks by pests, diseases and moulds.

Besides, you can choose to grow marijuana in the ground, in coconut fibre or any other greenhouse growing medium according to your needs.

Plants that are rooted directly in the ground obviously cannot be moved, but they survive well even when you are away for a week or two, and you do not have an automatic watering system.

If the greenhouse has a good quality moist soil, then the plants will create a dense network of roots capable of supporting even a large stem with high yield potential.

If the soil is of poor quality, it must be removed and replaced with good quality soil well before the plants are grown there.

So the main advantage of planting cannabis directly in the ground is the possibility of growing very large (and very productive) plants thanks to the vast space for the roots.

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Problems with the GlassHouse cultivation method: greenhouse overheating.

A problem with greenhouse cultivation is that temperatures can become very hot during the summer and, depending on the climate, even during the spring period.

As you can imagine, high temperatures make plant growth difficult. The leaves can wilt, and the roots can take much more water than they get.

It can be a severe problem, especially during a heatwave, when temperatures inside the greenhouse can exceed 30ºC or even 40ºC. At these temperatures, the cannabis plant is in difficulty. Still, the growers who produce our Sweet Berry CBD and White Widow legal CBD marijuana inflorescences, are cautious to circumvent these challenges.

Greenhouses can be equipped with windows that open during the hottest hours and seasons – avoiding overheating – and close automatically when the air cools down again. Cold nights can also be mitigated with the use of special heaters available in any gardening centre.

marijuana cbd glasshouse windows

But warming up is also an advantage during spring. It allows growers to plant cannabis seeds earlier than they could do outdoors.

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Advantages and disadvantages of GlassHouse at a glance

The main advantages of growing legal grass in GlassHouse are the following:

  • the immense growth of plants and consequently a considerable yield of flowers;
  • the possibility of controlling the light to supply the right quantities to the seedlings and obtain an excellent and CBD– rich production;
  • the possibility of planting ahead of outdoor cultivation;
  • opportunity to grow a more significant number of huge plants compared to the Indoor technique.

Here are the disadvantages of this method:

  • it is necessary to pay close attention to the growth of the seedlings as they can suffer from the heat, but also the lack of water and humidity (with consequent formation of mould);
  • sometimes the plants develop excessively, and it is necessary to intervene in some way. For example, by tying the stems and moving the pots so that the plants are not too close to each other.

The companies producing our legal CBD cannabis inflorescences often use the GlassHouse method and do it meticulously thanks to the firm experience gained in the field. The result is a large production of excellent buds, rich in cannabidiol and free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and other chemical products that would compromise their quality.