Where is it possible to buy legal CBD marijuana? Here’s who can sell it online and physically

where to buy legal cannabis

Who can sell cbd cannabis? Where to find the legal CBD marijuana (online and in physical stores)

With the European law of 2 December 2016, the legal weed trade became fully legal.

For CBD weed, or legal weed, the inflorescences of a variety of marijuana specifically selected to have a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) rate lower than the tolerated threshold of 0.2% and high contents of CBD (cannabidiol), or the recognized metabolite are meant worldwide as having enormous therapeutic advantages.

In particular, the CBD cannabis trade in Italy moves within a regulatory vacuum. Recreational use is not at all foreseen by the law n.242 / 2016, but at the same time it is not forbidden, nor are there any restrictions on the sale of inflorescences in the case in which, like marijuana CBD, they have THC contents perfectly compliant.

to buy legal cbd marihuana

The use that the private citizen decides to make of the legal weed after the purchase is entirely remitted to his arbitrariness.

In this way the restrictions on the possibility of purchasing legal weed are reduced: if the therapeutic use of cannabis requires the prescription of the attending physician, the CBD version does not need a prescription and can be purchased freely.

Legal CBD cannabis trade and warnings

Precisely because the CBD flower trade currently moves within a regulatory vacuum, at the moment it is still a sector marked by deep uncertainties. The online and physical stores currently sell inflorescences and derivatives in sachets or jars that carefully specify the certifications and percentages of THC and CBD.

As the Italian Tobacco Federation, however, points out, it is necessary to be cautious: if, in fact, CBD flower should be considered a substitute for tobacco, it will be absolutely necessary to obtain permits on the trade of products subject to state monopoly, under penalty of severe penalties withdrawal of the business license.

Moreover, since the recreational use of cannabis light could be pursued by the authorities (precisely because of the regulatory gap), anyone who purchases the packages at the retailer must be careful to leave the seal intact until arriving at home. Within the home, recreational use could still be illegal, but, as they say, “an eye that does not see, a heart that does not hurt”.

In the presence of a container with the seal intact, in fact, there can be no evidence that the content has been consumed and that, therefore, no administrative crime has been committed.

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Who sells CBD weed?

In Italy, CBD cannabis marketing channels pass through both retail and e-commerce.

Retailing is catching on especially in the most important urban centers. Here’s where marijuana CBD is bought:

  • Tobacco: given the warning of the Italian Federation of Tobacco, we do not recommend it, there are not many tobacconists who have seen the potential of selling CBD flowers, a trade that is currently estimated to be several tens of millions of euros. In large urban centers, however, it is not difficult to find tobaccos that sell packages of CBD weed, in packages of 1 gram to 5 grams, with an average price of around 11 euros per gram;
  • Grow shop: they are shops specialized in providing information, equipment and products for the cultivation of certain types of plants that need a lot of attention; in particular, there is no self-respecting grow shop that does not have a section dedicated to legal hemp. In the grow shops you can find products and equipment indispensable for the cultivation of CBD buds, as well as numerous products in hemp fiber or derived from hemp, such as oils and extracts, and inflorescences and seeds, all in compliance with the law;
  • Physical and online shops that have glimpsed the potential of the legal CBD marijuana market and have included a special sector in their shelves or categories. The trade in weakened cannabis and its derivatives is completely free and anyone can exercise it by requesting authorization and having a commercial license. The online sale of CBD cannabis, on the other hand, presents many more alternatives: the community of cannabis enthusiasts has been active for some time, often not despising the use of illegality in order to pursue their passions. For this reason it is necessary to make sure that you are still purchasing one of the 68 legal CBD cannabis varieties recognized as legal in Europe, so as not to infringe in any way the laws currently in force. On Just bob, for example, we sell only certified legal cannabis: each lot is analyzed in the laboratory by the University of Milan, in order to guarantee the highest quality and legality.

Are you wondering if you can buy marijuana CBD in a pharmacy?

buy legal cbd cannabis in a pharmacy

The answer is no: CBD flowers is not medical (although the properties of CBD are highly beneficial) and pharmacies are not allowed to sell this type of hemp.

The varieties you can find in the pharmacy – which can be purchased under medical prescription – are the Cannabis FM-2 and FM-1, with a high THC content, produced by the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical Establishment in Florence.

The sale of legal hemp for the agricultural sector

The sale of legal weed seeds in large quantities for the agricultural sector does not currently have many alternatives to e-commerce.

As the cultivation of industrial hemp, in fact, is rapidly reaffirming (in Italy it was banned only in 1975, just 44 years ago) through the recovery of old traditions and knowledge, the wholesale of seeds is not guaranteed everywhere.

The sales points are mostly located in the regions of Northern Italy, where most of the industrial hemp crops are currently concentrated.

Due to the lack of nearby retailers, numerous reliable and certified e-commerce sites cover the national demand.

It is also possible to sell cannabis seeds with THC from the growshop but it is specified that by law it is not possible to grow them on the Italian and European territory.

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Do you want to buy CBD weed?

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Furthermore, the legal CBD marijuana sold by us is excellent: it comes from organic hydroponic crops, therefore strictly controlled and healthy.

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