CBD and Drug Tests: Is cannabidiol detected in blood and urine tests?

Is CBD Detected in Drug Tests?

Can a drug test be positive whit cbd oil or cbd flowers assumption?

If you are a fan of CBD cannabis and use it regularly, you may wonder if drug testing at work, sports or other eventual controls can be positive and therefore its use might be counterproductive.

Theoretically, CBD should not appear in detection tests, but if you do not take pure cannabidiol, there may be traces of THC in your body. And it is THC that makes drug testing positive.

With this in-depth study, we want to provide you with useful details on the absorption of CBD oil, legal hash, and CBD flowers, as well as drug testing, so that you are aware of this and that you can take precautions.

Your goal is that any eventual drug test would result negative despite the use of CBD cannabis or derivatives, right? Then keep reading to find out how.

Can CBD cannabis contain THC and therefore interfere with drug test results?

As you probably know, legal hemp should contain tiny amounts of THC, exactly less than 0.2%… but not all traders work to have this data verified with certainty.

Indeed, legal cannabis comes from certified seeds, carefully selected to produce plants with THC close to zero. But even nature has its limits and the THC level could be higher than expected.

That is why, at JustBob, we have every batch analyzed in laboratory. It’s the only way to ensure our customers that the amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol comply with the law (and therefore have no psychotropic effects).

We do not market lots with results above 0.2% and publish the certification of each CBD stock online.

Check for yourself the products certification on our CBD flower shop by clicking in the “Information” section on the “Product Certification” button:

The certification of THC values on Justbob products

Therefore, if you are taking not certified CBD weed, you can be tested positive to drug, as traces of THC greater than 0.2% may appear in addition to CBD.

What if you buy CBD extracts or derivatives?

In this case too, you need to make assessments. To not take risks, we advise you to choose industrial hemp products with THC percentages in accordance with the law, which are therefore obtained from legal hemp such as CBD oil Sensitiva brand.

But how much THC needs to be in our body to get a positive test result?

THC in blood, urine, saliva, and hair: here are the values found by a drug test

It is important to note that drug testing is for THC or one of its main metabolites, THC-COOH, which is also detectable when THC has no longer circulated in the blood but has been transported to the cells.

Drug tests result positive when THC and/or THC-COOH exceed a certain threshold called the limit: values below the limit are not relevant for the test, which will therefore be negative.

The threshold usually varies depending on the test: drug tests are different and include urine, blood, hair, and saliva tests. Each of them has a certain sensitivity, that is, the ability to detect quantities of drugs above the threshold.

In addition, the detection period depends on many factors, including the amount of absorption, frequency, and activity of your metabolism. If you only take CBD cannabis that contains a low proportion of tetrahydrocannabinol, it is very likely that your metabolism will clear THC and its metabolites rapidly.

Here following, we will have a glance at the details of the various analyses.

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Urine test for THC detection

This is the most common test.

In urine, the THC-COOH metabolite must have a concentration of at least 50 ng/ml (nanogram per milliliters) for the test to be positive. This test normally detects THC-COOH in the urine for 3 to 15 days after marijuana use.

However, if THC absorption is constant and in large quantities, the urine test can even detect its presence 3 or 4 weeks after marijuana use.

Detection of THC in the drug test

Blood test as a drug test

Blood is a carrier, so THC stays in the bloodstream for a very short period of time: THC-COOH is detected no more than one week after ingestion.

Because of this particularity, blood tests are only used as a drug test if you need an immediate response (for example to check if driving under the influence of drugs).

For blood tests, the limit is set at 2 ng/ml.

Saliva testing

Saliva retains traces of THC and its metabolites for a short period of time, from about an hour to a maximum of one day after taking cannabis.

The saliva test is therefore one of the least used (or at most by the police during driver checks).

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Hair analysis for THC detection

Hair analysis is the most effective (albeit little-used) drug test and allows you to detect THC metabolites in your hair for up to 90 days.

For what reason could a drug test be positive if you are using CBD?

There are several possible reasons why CBD use may end up with a positive drug test.

CBD is not detected in drug testing?

If it is a pure CBD, no, but we cannot guarantee that this will not happen if you smoke legal cannabis, especially if the percentages of THC are not certified (and of course law compliant).

Do you want to buy cannabis online with legal amounts of THC?

You can trust Just bob’s products and experts, who have each batch analyzed and certified to ensure maximum security! We’re waiting for you.