Cannabis cuttings: What are they and what advantages do they offer?

Cannabis cuttings: What are they and what advantages do they offer?


Cannabis cuttings are nothing more than cut branches of the mother plant that can be transplanted to give life to clones of the plant itself, to preserve the genetic heritage.

The first choice for a professional grower of CBD or classic cannabis is, therefore: cuttings or seeds?

Many growers choose to clone because it is much easier than you think.

When you plant cannabis cuttings, you also get flower crops with specific characteristics.

However, in countries where this is allowed, it is also a good idea to consider the difficulties of growing cuttings instead of seeds. It is also possible that the plant will show defects due to the complete restoration of its characteristics.

At JustBob, a Europe-wide CBD online shop, we will discuss the subject of cannabis cuttings in the next few lines, as we are convinced that the world of hemp in all its forms needs to be known.

Our customers are aware of this and are passionate about CBD products for collection purposes.

But let’s go back to marijuana cuttings and take a close look at what it is, and how to get it from the mother plant.

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What are cannabis cuttings, and how are they obtained?

In simple terms, cannabis cuttings are clones obtained from a plant during the vegetative phase: the branches are cut off and rooted precisely by immersion in water and special fertilisers, making them independent hemp plants, identical to the mother plant.

Concerning the mother plant, it should be pointed out that it must never flower, as the breeders use it exclusively for the production of cuttings. For this reason, we recommend choosing a vigorous stem, which usually produces a large number of buds.

It produces healthy clones (if they are well cared for), which can be used all year round to produce many harvests.

When planting cannabis cuttings, remember that they have all the intrinsic characteristics of the mother plant, including age. It is why it is good to replace the mother plant after a specific time.

It is advisable not to stress the plant, so it is best to clone it a maximum of 3/4 times. If you are most satisfied with the harvest, you can reproduce the plant from the previously extracted cuttings.

In general, growing cuttings is not suitable for new growers, although it is the most practical choice over cannabis seeds when starting from scratch.

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Cannabis cuttings: valuable tips for choosing the mother plant.

As we have already understood, when cultivation is allowed, people know that the choice of the mother plant gives the hoped-for future result for the cuttings.

First of all, it would be preferable to choose genetics that is highly appreciated by those preparing for growth, both in terms of smell and aroma.

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Besides, many growers are influenced by the amount of resin the plant usually produces.

It would be best to choose a sufficiently resistant mother plant, especially to pests and mould (some of the worst enemies of the crop, even if you decide to grow with seeds).

If you decide to grow indoors or indoors, it is always a good idea to choose genetics with a low height and of course with relatively fast flowering times.

By taking these factors into account, you can immediately see what the final harvest of your legal marijuana will bring you.

What are the advantages of cannabis cuttings?

If the crop is legal, every grower aims to obtain satisfactory yields of CBD cannabis, in terms of quantity and quality that meet his or her expectations.

When talking about cannabis cuttings, the first advantage to be stressed is the certainty of only obtaining female plants if the genetics of the mother plant is the same.

Moreover, it is already clear that it is possible to preserve the genetics of the legal or traditional cannabis plant while guaranteeing the constant safety of the harvest produced.

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Cannabis cuttings are more effective if you want to obtain a significant end-result. While some cuttings are already in flower, others can be cultivated.

To keep up the pace, you must, of course, take several factors into account. Indoor cultivation is preferred to optimise everything so that you do not have to worry about the weather conditions outside.

Compared to conventional seeds, the cultivation of legal or traditional cannabis cuttings requires shorter lead times and saves money.

As foreign growers report, once you know the quality of the harvest obtained by cloning a carefully selected mother plant, you will undoubtedly know the percentages of THC and CBD present that you can benefit from according to your own needs.

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