2023: what are the best types of weed and cannabis CBD?

2023: what are the best types of weed and cannabis CBD?

Here are the 3 best types of legal cbd cannabis in 2023.

Every year, many enthusiasts are looking for the best light cannabis strains to keep up with the latest news and always choose the most precious and aromatic species.

Are you also wondering what are the best types of legal marijuana in 2023?

Today we want to answer your question: we have made a list, including the precise description, of the best CBD marijuana varieties that you can find on Justbob, our online CBD store. In this way you will know exactly what types of CBD cannabis to add to your collection.

Are you ready? So let’s get started right away!

Do you also wonder what the best types of weed are in 2023?

Buying CBD flowers, CBD hash, CBD oil and other CBD weed strains in the US from the best CBD shop online!

Today we want to answer your question: we have compiled a list, including the detailed description, of the best legal marijuana varieties for sale on JustBob, our CBD online shop. This way, you will know exactly which types of cannabis to add to your collection.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started right away!

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The best legal weed of 2023? No doubt about it, it’s California Haze

The best legal weed of 2023? California Haze

California Haze CBD is a classic from our shop, one of those herbs that has always been one of the most popular legal herbs among the general public and, in fact, received a great deal of acclaim from all our customers who are passionate about CBD cannabis, even here in this wonderful 2023.

As you probably guessed, this strain hails (in terms of origin) straight from California, more specifically from the hills of the Bay Area. It is a type of marijuana whose first crossings date back to the 1970s.

The first batch of California Haze has a CBD content of around 21% (the cannabidiol concentration varies depending on the production) and a legal THC content of less than 0.2%, thanks to the excellent method of growing legal hemp plants.

The aroma of this strain is sweet, intense and smooth at the same time, while the appearance shows medium/large sized buds and the pistils and trichomes are bright red.

Produced near Venice using the aeroponic cultivation technique, California Haze will win you over like no other CBD marijuana has ever had.

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Moonrock: the novelty in the field of CBD The US and hashish.

Moonrock CBD: the novelty

Have you ever seen a type of legal marijuana with up to 70% CBD? Well, here it is: Moonrock, which you can find exclusively in our CBD online shop!

It is an exceptional product with an extreme concentration of cannabidiol. We will reveal the trick right away: it is a legal hemp flower covered with a thick layer of resin and CBD hash powder.

The result is incredible! So much so that, as you can see from its name, many have likened it to a moon rock.

Moonrock light looks completely different from typical cannabis flowers, precisely because it is covered with a layer of Kief that varies the inflorescence’s colour and shades.

It is one of the most prized and sought-after types of marijuana globally, with a lingering aroma and flavour. It is the first time that in our light weed shop we have presented a variety of cannabis so rich in CBD and we strongly suggest that you buy it: you won’t regret it at all. You’ll probably want more!

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Master Kush: one of the best light hemp strains.

Master Kush: one of the best light hemp strains.

Master Kush cannabis is one of the most popular types of legal CBD cannabis globally for several reasons: the high amounts of CBD, the colour nuances, the “old school” aroma and the spicy flavour.

The CBD of this variety generally reaches concentrations of 21%, and this is confirmed by the thick layer of resin covering the inflorescences, with the typical shape of indica cannabis flowers.

The inflorescences, which are a beautiful bright green colour, are covered with dark red pistils, almost entirely hidden by the resin (giving them a nearly orange appearance).

As for the aroma, Master Kush light has old school scents – typical of Kush varieties -, pungent and earthy, with notes of Scots pine. Instead, the flavour, which is just as precious, can be compared to bush and peppermint’s aroma, which makes it resolutely spicy.

The new batch of Master Kush from 2023 was grown in Lombardy, using the Greenhouse technique. Like all the legal hemp varieties presented on JustBob, this one is also from 100% organic cultivation that respects the environment and cannabis lovers.

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In conclusion

Do you want to know what the best types of light weeds are in 2023? In this article, you’ve found the answer to your doubts, and maybe you’re already taking a look at the varieties we’ve offered you.

Of course, we have updated you with the latest and best news from our shop, but you will find many types of cannabis, hashish, and CBD oil if you look at the catalogue.

Not forgetting the kits we offer you at a competitive price and which contain the best marijuana varieties of all time!

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