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    CBD 25%THC < 0.2%

    Purple Haze GG #4

    Purple Haze GG # 4 is the result of the cross between the very well-known and appreciated Purple Haze and Gorilla Glue, and it is one of the most admired genetics in the legal cannabis scene. It is an Indica-dominant variety that has a strong concentration of CBD typical of the Gorilla Glue, which can reach a very high concentration round to 25%. On the other hand, it shows those bright and purple colors typical of the Purple Haze.

    The result is an exceptional Mix!

    The Overview

    The hydroponic cultivation used to produce this legal cannabis allows the flowers to produce a large quantity of resin, a characteristic common to both genetics from which it derives, which makes it compact to the touch. The plant has a medium / large size and the buds have purple hues typical of Purple Haze with pistils tending towards orange.

    The Aroma

    The aroma standing out from these super genetics rich in CBD is a mix between a light and sweet tropical flavor typical of haze genetics and the heady and intense savor that recalls those genetics rich in THC. 

    Pine needles and touches of wood fragrances combined with a citrus flavor, characterize the aftertaste of the Purple Haze GG #4.

    Origin and cultivation

    This genetic is produced in Italy, more specifically in the region of Piedmont, by a company that uses modern indoor cultivation techniques and the innovative hydroponic cultivation process, introduced in the recent years.

    Through this methodology it is possible to have a greater control of all the growth phases of the plant, especially during the flowering phase. Thanks to the very long flowering cycle it is possible to obtain very high percentages of cannabidiol, which even exceed 25%.


    The percentage of CBD indicated above is purely indicative and represents the maximum value obtained in the laboratory on this strain. Unfortunately, the product is a plant and there can be significant variations in the percentages of cannabinoids from one flower to another.

    Despite the variability, JustBob guarantees the legality of all the individual lots as the THC is analyzed daily on all the products sold. 

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